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Stylist training


I welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge, experience and passion I have gained from a life of hairdressing and teaching.


A Voice of Experience

Having been fortunate enough to have had an education platform to share my knowledge with many fellow stylists over the years I am firmly committed to raising the bar and standards that we as stylists can and do accept.

What Can I Do For You?

I work with individual stylists and hair education teams to instill knowledge and help to inspire those looking to increase their skills or to work in the hair industry. I teach all technical and creative aspects of the hair profession. From basic education classes to advanced colouring techniques I can help you or your stylists to reach your true potential as you aspire to being the very best that you can.

After an initial consultation to assess skill levels, I will develop a tailored training package for you or for your stylists, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. In doing so, I will also set a simple set of goals by which performance can be assessed.



In addition, if there is any particular qualification that you or your stylists are working to attain, I can provide one to one mentorship to achieve this goal.

Please do get in touch to discuss your needs.


Mike’s knowledge, from teaching, to stage work, to working on a salon floor, made it very easy for him to fit well into any hair industry environment. With the knowledge, experience, integrity, and energy that Mike demonstrates, he would be an enormous asset to assist any salon team.

Mike taught classes that ranged from basic introductory levels through to advanced colour correction as well as classes on colouring techniques. At all of the educational events, we found that Mike was very knowledgeable in the field of colour and shared this knowledge with a real passion. He was very adept at bringing out the best in stylists, encouraging them to challenge themselves and strive to reach their fullest potential. Salon Owner, Angles.  

Aug 2017 

Hi Mike,
I’d like to tell you that the color information is the BEST and most informative I have seen to date (and I have looked at heaps of material on the subject incl the ABCH manual).

I’m a hairdresser who qualified in the early nineties and for various reasons dropped out of the industry but am still keeping active with a view to working mobile. Reading your blog, the thing that strikes me is the amount of confusion/contradictory information out there (even from educators) on how to color hair. “Chris” Stylist