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Hands on. Razor cutting classes

Over the years I have developed a very unique method of razor cutting.

Blunt clean lines, soft and edgy, lean how to create shape and form add dimension and texture softness that scissors and shears cannot give.


Would you like to master the art of free style razor cutting using a feather razor?




I would be happy to structure demo hands on classes for individuals or salons, you provide the models or mannequin heads. I will come and do step by step demo. and work with you on models.


Conquer the art of real free style cutting, get a new creative edge that will open up a hole new world.


Razor cutting is not all about shattered texture.

Its about thinking and being creative its about understanding weight distributions

Its about opening up you mind to the realm of endless possibilities using and understanding weight line distribution, shape form dimension.

If this sparks a note  and your interested contact me at or call me on 07824902455.

To discuss classes and demo for up to 10 stylists contact me. For £300.00 pre day its very worthwhile, the only add on would be expenses depending on location/travel.




I can structure classes from one to salon team depending on ability.    




Whats stopping you!                

Just make that call send that email. Mike B2MR