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Mental illness. Depression and the salon

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019communication, Hairdressing, hairdressing business, Salon & Spa, The Hair SalonComments Off on Mental illness. Depression and the salon

Hairstylists and Salon owners can be affected by depression and mental illness:

Addiction. Compulsive obsessive behaviour. 

I decided to post this topic because I think it touches so many in our profession, I hope it hits a chord with some.

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Many of us in the hair industry suffer silently from depression, anxiety, many of us act out projecting that creative, fun loving, carefree, artistic, persona only to leave the salon exhausted mentally and physically.

Some look for that pick me up or bring me down it may be alcohol it may be a joint it maybe something else.

The point is suffering in silence not talking to others not getting help is not healthy it does not work and can lead to dependency and addiction.

Yes. I write from experience. Many of us go through life carrying a big sack of burden and guilt, why is this? I write this out of reflection of my own life and career journey and experience. What is this like? Imagine carrying a round a sack full of guilt, what if’s, uncertainty? Failure, feelings of self-worth, resentment.

Maybe your bag would have a whole set of different stuff! The big question is how do you lighten your load let it go find peace?  How about taking that bag off your back putting it down opening it up and looking at it!

I see so many postings about mental health and know through my own experience that many in the hair industry suffer silently, acting out projecting that happy creativity yet inside and out of work hating themselves, needing that end of the day drink, smoke, or more.  It does not have to be this way, people can be very demanding and will take all you give, finding balance looking after one self-understanding ones self-starts with honesty. An honest inventory of who we are, how we feel, what’s working, what’s not working Then considering the why, it’s time to look in the bag!

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The first part of addressing this is about being honest with that person you see in the mirror how are you feeling, what bothering you, people places things? Of course, with honesty comes a self-review, I call this personal inventory. How is this baggage effecting you, equally how are you treating others you see all the things that you are carrying around effect how you are how you treat others, It’s so easy to play the blame game become the victim, I’m just trying to point things out and share feelings and my own self observations.

I’m not qualified to offer solution or suggest other than to say that spreading all this stuff you are carrying around out looking at letting it go helps so much however nasty it is.Whatever it might be just look at it can you deal with it? Do you want to deal it!

Choices, decision, consequences. 

As you review your stuff consider these three things. We cannot fix things the past is what it is, its ok to re visit its ok to think about that what if, a different choice creates a different outcome, yet it’s the past it cannot be changed we can only learn from it and move.  We can by choice and decision effect the now and influence the future, things still happen good and bad it’s how we deal with them that counts. Back to people, places, things, choices, decisions, consequences, all linked.

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Most importantly it’s about being honest with our selves, it’s about how we treat others, respect is earned, humility is good, too much ego can be dangerous, honesty with ones-self and others essential.  I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I don’t need to pretend, or act out I have boundaries. What others think of me is none of my business.

Having boundaries and sticking to them, also key to being at peace, not allowing others to try and play games leading to manipulation and feelings of guilt empty that burden away and keep it that way. Find someone you trust talk about how you feel, get help, take action. Don’t carry on suffering in silence.

Thank you Mike B2MR


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