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Merry Christmas 2018


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Merry Christmas 2018 all the best to all for 2019

As another year of sharing posting and net working draws to a close. I would thank all those who i have had interaction with shared thoughts and views thank you I wish you all every success for the new year 2019.

In world that at times still seem’s to be in so much turmoil in world with such imbalance in wealth and power, we all have to stay positive focus on our values and those things that we can effect and influence.

Take some time to reflect on that vision, does it need some adjustment. Don’t make resolutions set goals, stay creative, face challenges, continue to learn and grow share with others, mentor someone. Enjoy what you do and always remember we are all part of the hair service industry. This year i tried to make some Sloe Gin for the festive season I don’t drink but those who have tried it say its not bad !! Happy Holidays all


Mike Vallance B2MR

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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