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Successful hair salon. Successful stylist

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Successful hair salon. Successful stylist

Designed for Salon owners,stylists,hair industry professionals.Created as a source to offer advise on all things related to the education knowledge skill experience. A place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s.


The salon that is your vision your dream? Is it a reality?

Having  successful hair salon working with and indeed keeping successful stylist’s. Is it possible/ Does having a salon in a city make a difference? Is Bigger better when it comes to salon size? How do you judge success? Do you have a salon strategy and plan for the future? As stylist are you current what do you for for skill and personal development? Whats your vision for 5 years form now?

Having a vision and a goal. Knowing and imagining how you might want you salon to run and look is so exciting. But really take the time to think it through in reality is your vision realistic. ASK YOUR SELF  What is it you really want?  If you are already working in a salon what is it you really want to achieve? My advise would be before leaving the salon you are established in, talk with the owner see if you can buy in. Invest in what already exists share your vision share your concerns discuss change. Raise and ask questions seek advise. Research possibilities and options.

There is little or no risk in putting out feelers and it could save a great deal of headache in this very fragile economy.  Collaboration and innovative thinking. Having visions and goals we should all have making them a reality takes a lot of planning forward thinking and soul searching. Honesty about commitment and risk. You need to work with talented motivated visionary stylist’s develop  a team sprit one that offers support and sharing one that embraces the salon brand and ideology.

I decided to write this because not to put any one off but as a warning that it takes huge amount of work and commitment with no guarantees. I read so many comments by people struggling to make end meet trying to attract business. Thinking that discounting is the only way forward disillusioned by the industry and what it takes to get ahead. you might end up on your own struggling with being alone! Our industry and the challenges it poses are constant none more so than now

I exchange e-mails with people who have started businesses and know find themselves struggling to succeed asking what will it take.  Vision, commitment, willingness to change and adapt, loyal clientele. A team that shares your vision, Capital to support you through the challenges that lie ahead. For it’s not all smooth sailing. To succeed you need to. Specialise stand out be different. Be highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of our industry or make sure you have a good team of skilled adviser around you.

Lets assume that your a qualified successful stylist. One that has been in the industry  long enough  to understand how a salon works you have a good idea of how things work. Lets assume that you have worked for a long enough period to establish your self as a stylist and have a strong following of loyal clients.

Now let’s assume that you have worked for other people for long enough. You want to start your own business you want to do things your way. You know you can do things better use your experience  and  knowledge to be a success and offer your clients some thing new and different. Sounds great ha? I think this is the normal path of progress for most hairdressers. We reach appoint where we start to question the way things are done in the salon they are involved in. We think the owner is taking to much of the pie! We know we could do a better job we have a vision.

We have a great following of clients. We know our business. We understand our clients, how hard can it be? I think much tufter than many think! Without dwelling in the past a number of years ago I went through this very scenario. I had out grown the salon i was involved. I say involved in because I had work my way up and was a director and share holder. Sound good ha. Well it was not enough! Why ? Because i felt i was the busiest in the salon and yet felt i did not have a voice. Was this the case or is the grass just always greener else where! Or is was this just Ego!! i don’t regrets ever but wonder some times what might have been if i had made other choices.

It was time to go it alone: I sold my shares back to my partners used this money to buy a lease. I purchased an existing salon old fashioned shampoo and set joint. I closed it for 2 weeks gutted it with the help of family and friends re opened as trendy up market salon. [not one pictured]. My clients all followed  and supported me. The location was and is key. In this instance i chose a location that was where all my clients were moving to. Easy parking great location they were happy to pay the same prices that i charged in Chelsea. I had a vision and a goal i was very motivated, I had something to prove to my self and others i could be a success. It worked really well .Why? Because i was in the right place at the right time. This salon attracted other start up salons they tried to do the same thing as more and more sprang up as the area developed. I noticed the odd one failing within a short time. Why? Any market can only sustain so much. What they were creating was on longer new or different, saturation point! I sold this salon within 2 years and made a huge profit the guy who bought went bust with 1 year. what you don’t need is an empty salon! What you need is commitment meant vision motivation an element of luck.You need staff committed to string your vision and working with you. Note i say working With you. Not For you

Why am I telling you this? As a warning think things through. Do your home work. The world we live in has made a huge global shift in the way business is done. Clients needs and wants have changed old business models no longer work. These are challenging times for any business. We have to be realistic about the challenges be able to adapt. Seek out help and advise sometimes we just cannot see a way out a fresh set of eyes a different perspective if all it takes to turn things around

Examples of this product knowledge sales education and staff team training. Salon image brand identity reputation. discounting to survive salon sales  what products to use and promote.all the things we have to consider about our business my bogs cover many aspects of our industry all fined from personal experience I’m happy to chat offer advise and more take a look at my web site or contact me.

My rates and what i offer are clearly stated i would be very happy to help you move forward with your vision


The ‘Three R’s’ 
”Reputation. Recommendation. Retention”. 
It’s not built on that constant looking for new clients it’s looking after what you have! It’s investing in your self and your business and those around you.


This journey, this career, is wonderful – challenging, inspiring, and yes, hard work.

Our industry is in constant change and is sometimes criticised. For lacking vision in some areas. However there is an ever growing body of professionals. That have a firm commitment to our industry, they have a passion for change, to raise standards through education and sharing. Leadership, education and team incentives.Will over time and with commitment give any individual that ability to do exceptional work and to be more creative. Leadership and management help create an amazing work environment for all concerned. So key for success for all concerned.
This journey. This career, is wonderful – Challenging. Inspiring and yes can and will be hard work. but the rewards are worth all the effort.
Thank you all for letting me share some thoughts with you today.These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with. Get inspired. Connect with driven motivated industry professional. challenge your self. invest in ones /your self 

Are you driver or passenger !

 There are no guarantees in life and ones career and career choice is no different thing happen and its how we deal with them that defines us. Jobs change relationships come and go the one thing that remains after training is our skill both hands on creative and the ones we learn about people and communication about caring about being a team player. Constantly developing new skills staying current is so very important.

I also think that we need to always look at the Why. Ask the question Why are we in business whats it for? OrWhy do we want to go into to business what is success? Why do I suggest this I think by asking and exploring the why we get to the motive behind why we want to be in business what is true success. Why the will also help us to understand our true values this in turn helps us to follow the path to the success we want  and desire. It will help us to surround ourselves with the right team those who share our values and vision.


Remember. Salon success. Stylist success. Business success are all linked together it’s Team success. Its never about any destination only ever about a journey taking the right people on that journey makes it enjoyable maybe even fun!

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

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    Thank you you are to kind your passion and drive for moving forward and wanting to succeed is an inspiration.Mike

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