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How many “S” words relate to your salon / Business model

How many “S” words relate to your salon/business Model



The Salon & the ‘S’ Word


My inspiration for the title of this book came from considering how many “S” words relate to our salon and business, this then helped us come up with some of the topics that  I wanted to address and discuss. How many extra related words can you add?


The Salon and the ‘S’ Word

The paperback is written from an authoritative point of view, by someone who has had the benefit of both salon background as well as field technician working for an international hair product manufacturer. Packed full of tips and trade secrets; The Salon and The ‘S’ Word takes you through all the essential ‘S’ words that  can lead to better  salon practices resulting in greater Salon Success!

The Salon and the ‘S’ Word  – Is the latest addition to the ‘Hair Stylist’s Guide’ series, published by Salonstudies.

This series is aimed at the experienced hair stylist who wants to develop their business skills in a variety of different ways and make the most from their relationships with their clients and other salon professionals or the mobile and freelance business model. The challenges of both business models are the same in as much as they relate to the client. the services, the experience delivered creating and building relationships that last.



This particular book written by Mike Vallance, focuses upon all the essential ‘S’ words that underpin our salon procedures and creates the ‘benchmark’ for excellence in our global hair industry.

The ‘S’ Word topics:

Service – The word that everyone talks about and is fundamental to everything we do. We know what bad service is, but how do you measure good service? What do our customers want, what do they expect? What are your standards like, could you improve?

Sales & selling – If you can sell; you are likely to do well if you cannot, you won’t go far. Who are our customers, where do they come from? How do we identify our own target market and capitalize on the relationship? Do you know the principles of merchandising and want to set-up your own retail ‘one-stop-shop’?

The salon and The S Word

Suppliers – Your purchases affect your profits, so the less you spend, the more you earn. How do you maximize the relationship with your supplier? How do you achieve better deals and discounts with your suppliers? How do you compete against the big shops and stores?

Staff – As an employer, the people that work with you, should work for you; but how often do they seem to be doing their ‘own thing’? Are you getting the best from them, could they be more efficient, effective and productive?

The Two sample chapters clearly show how everything in the salon is connected fro that first “Vision” of your business to thinking about your “Target market” To the consideration of your client needs and wants and building that picture that is your “Client profile” To working with your supplier to have the products that support the services you want to offer the services your clients are requesting. Stocking the right retail products that reflect your salon culture and brand.

All inexplicable linked together all helping to create your salon brand and Culture. This is what The Salon and the “S” word is all about, offering suggestions on ways to build a better business be greater success.


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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

Published:        February 2015

Price:               £12.99 GBP – $19.95 USD



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