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The salon and supplier relationship

The salon and supplier relationship

The Salon and The “S” Word

The salon and The S Word

Chapter 3 of the book shares a few thoughts on how this chapter came about: The relationship between salon and supplier is so key to success

Sales, selling, stock: All contribute to the services we deliver the success of our business: 

As I sit and reflect on this topic and how best to share information,I’m drawn to considering how many salon owners and stylist really take the time to think about how big this business and industry is. What a huge role you as salon owners and stylists play and yet how small you,we are as individual salons and teams are, its only collectively that we make a difference and yet its the individual choices and decision that we make that impact our industry and indeed our own business this happens at many levels.

Without looking at any one manufacturer and with out any bias I would like to share some thoughts before we move on the relevance to sales selling and stock especially when thinking about what manufacturer who do you want to work with, what company you want your salon associated with.

{I encourage you to follow the link to the sample of the chapter posted on this topic for “The Salon and the S word”}

When you consider the main product manufacturer and the companies that represent them. Do you think about what you want ? What attracts you to any given brand or label or manufacturer? If not, why not?

The manufacturer considers all of this because for them its all about the account and sales. This has to be taken into consideration when getting ready for and agreeing to any initial sales meetings.

The manufacturer has huge resources and an army of sales representatives advisors and educators at their disposal there goal quite simple put is to expand their market by building lasting relationships with salons.You !

As already suggested you as a salon and as a salon owner can benefit greatly from these meetings if you are prepared and have done your home work your ready to ask questions.



The salon and the “S” Word:

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Mike B2MR


As an add on to this topic I found some earlier writing i did on topic:

I have with this article intentionally not used any product or brand images, as I have no intention of making this blog brand or manufacturer focused or contentious in any way. But hope it’s a good read as it written after recent observations.

What are the issues or challenges we have to consider when dealing with the salon sales representative, these are the people we would in an ideal world like to trust to come into the salon and address our ordering or stock requirements, sadly in most cases this is not a safe thing to do or allow. Stock control and inventory is an area that requires constant monitoring and left in the wrong hands can be very expensive to a salon.

Salon owners and indeed the receptionist need to remember that when the rep comes in they have one goal, that goal is to place product in the salon, make no mistake however friendly they may seem they are working to sell. Sale’s is their business, commission and bonus incentives is how they earn their salary.

Manufacturer’s constantly bring new products to their product line, they also yearly re package and re band products, so carrying to much inventory can become s anew issue when re packed re branded products come out supported by a new promotional campaign, if a salon is carrying to much retail stock they will miss the promotion of the new products in their effort to shift the older products.

Essential to this is having that relationship with the sales rep so that they can advise you in advance of up coming re launch or promotions, it this careful monitoring that allows us to plan promotional salon events and forward plan, something key if the salon has seasonal promotions and events.

Part of this also involve shave a sales rep who is educated in [Pk] Product knowledge so periodically they can hold classes to refresh product information with the salon team in some cases help those stylist who struggle with retail issues so that they might fell comfortable talking about the products their features and benefits.

I have often addressed the importance of service within the salon that being the consultation delivered by the salon team, part of this is product recommendation for home maintenance if the team are not educated in the features and benefits of any given product line how they recommend suitable products to their clients? The answer is they cannot this raises the issue of how good is your sales representative? How committed are they to the salon and it retail market growth, How knowledge able are they, how good are their presentation skills? Are they willing to help offer support hold promotional events in the salon or are they only solely driven by the salon retail sales and working stock purchased.

This raises the question of how committed are the to the salon and its success or are they really only sales people. How committed is the Brand the manufacturer to education and support to the salon, not only training and education of the product by business support. How much training do sales representatives get and do they have a mandate to help the salon attain greater success or as I suspect is it just a numbers game.

In my book available on my through Amazon links provided both Uk and .Com ‘The salon and the S Word’ Chapter three looks at the Salon supplier relationship in quite some depth.

Having recently been working with a salon on many issues related to consultation, recommendation, up selling, retail sales, re booking and client retention I was very disappointed that the sales rep did not play a more active role and spend more time at the salon helping to both promote but also to educate our clients and support the salon team. I think In this regard I was more disappointed than the salon owner about the lack of commitment and visibility during the time we were coaching and training. The salon owner is at a point where she expects nothing and is never surprised at the lack of commitment or investment of time in helping the salon to grow affording it great success and stability.

This article is to find out how other salon owners feel about their sales representative are they helpful supportive to the salon, is the quality of material and the knowledge of the sales person good enough? Do you feel they have your salon and businesses best interests at heart or is it all smiles take the order get out of here as soon as possible.

Having worked in sales and education in a supportive role I have to say that my experience of sales representatives leaves me slightly cynical about them and what they do.

I wish it were different and I hope this article creates some debate.

But also sheds some light on what we want and expect from the manufacturer and the sales team that represent them. Are they doing enough for you for me for the industry?

They need to ask themselves how can they put new products into a salon without delivering the service to support it ongoing, what we have to all do to retain our clients. They need to consider that sending product into a salon to try does not reflect well on the brand without the support of education it does not allow a salon to try any given product and get the very best from it! This comes back to sales funding education and education supporting sales, educational support to the salon should go beyond just supplying products for salon use and retail.

Thanks Mike


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