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Review: Rich and Famous hair oil

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Your Rich & Famous Hair Oil Treatment.


New products are always coming on line into the market place, most recently the discovery that many natural oils have healing and conditioning properties have created a new generation of products, some of these oils have been used by many cultures throughout history the realisation that may have hugely beneficial properties assisting in the hair’s condition and appearance.

Many claims are made by many manufacturers about these oils.

The key is to find oils that are not packed out with silicon and have natural and safe ingredients.

Stylist need to know that oils being used and recommended are light will not build up on the hair making in lank and flat, and of course that they are safe.

Smell is always something that makes a big difference to both the stylist and the client.

Joanne Riche-Caine. Offered to send me a sample of her “Rich and Famous hair oil treatment” and was very pleased with the overall appearance and quality of the packaging, on opening the smell was light and very natural not overly perfumed, the first thing I do with any samples especially oil is place some in my hands and rub them together to see and feel what it’s like. This was light quite dry, on applying to hair it put a light sheen over the surface of the hair without weighing it down, it did not feel greasy on the hair.

I tried it on coloured hair and natural hair the results were really Excellent, I followed up with one clients who has some complex hair issue of fizz and shine, she loved it and felt that it had helped her over a number of days a noticeable difference in feel, look, texture Other clients I tried it on were very happy with the smell and feel and shine and asked if I would be carrying it in future.


I would certainly recommend this product to stylists and salon owners as an alternative to the larger manufacturer brands, supporting the independent is important for details


Joanne Riche-Caine.

Company details Rich Remy Ltd Atlas House Leeds LS1 2HL

It has a recommended retail price of £17.00  50ml 1.69 Fl oz


It is non-greasy and formulated for natural hair and hair extensions

It has the following benefits….

Targets Frizz

Softens & Smooths


Helps to intensely hydrate

Adds shine & moisturises

Seals the cuticle

Heat & UV protection

Enhances natural body

Prevents split ends

Suitable for all hair colours

Suitable for daily use

For use on wet & dry hair

Helps to reduce drying time


Active ingredients:

Argan oil – Adds shine and targets dry frizzy hair

Vitamin E – An antioxidant that fights to protect the hair from free radicals

Coconut oil – Renowned for its outstanding moisturising properties

Avocado oil – known for its ability to strengthen and hydrate

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