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Hair colour techniques

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Hair colour techniques


Alterego Italy

There are many techniques and methods taught about hair colouring and of course any one can apply hair colour any way they like this may or may not work out! Application of a hair colour formulation can create added depth, tone and dimension to any cut style. Working with AlterEgoItaly  “Techno fruit” I would like to share one with you that is quite effective.



The Disco ball with Zulu knots.

First of all section the head off into small sections shape either squares or triangles do this quite randomly no need to work with a parting. After forming each section twist them up until they start to turn in on themselves this creates a twist and a knot. use a clip to hold section and know it place. [see pic]



Choice of shades:

This is totally up to the stylist, I will be using three shades  you might consider using a root application formula running lighter shades down the mid lengths and ends. Maybe “Bronzage” the head then do the disco ball sections for added dimension. Choice is yours, formulation is yours your creation.

I will be showing the application of  “Techno fruit shades” by AlterEgo Italy 7.43, 7.34, 7.4 for the root application then using 7.4 &8.4 as a toner along with “Just colour” and “Passion color mask” to colour balance mixing.

Mixing ratio for Techno fruit 1 Part colour  to 1.5 x developer  in this instance 30 vol or 9% for root application. 40/45 min process time. this allows lots of time to colour balance.

Both “Just color” and “Passion color mask” are direct dyes no developer is required, max process time 30 mins. with out heat would be recommended with this technique.


However the sections with “Techno fruit” used as a toner will require 1 part colour to 1.5 developer 10 vol 3% 30 mins development time.


Colour balance:

Techno fruit with 3% 10 vol 7.4  and 8.4 Random slices

Just Color. Red Elvis. Yellow Tale. Orange Tango mixed with Clear way.

Passion colour mask.  Arancia [orange] mixed with Caramel as desired under sections mainly.




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