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EGOLISS Smoother Home maintenance system



My last blog reviewed the new:

Smooth Hair EGOLISS system:

As essential to clients having a professional salon smoothing service that they can rely on and know is safe, is knowing and understanding home management and maintenance, what is required to keep the hair looking as smooth a possible for a long a possible helping to maintain the very best condition attainable at all times.

Our role a stylist is of course to consult offer advice and solution to then deliver the service using our skill training and expertise, however our role does not stop at just carrying our the requested service. We have to take the time to explain the process and the ongoing maintenance required to maintain the style look and condition.


To often as stylist we fall well short of this its such a key element one that requires that we deliver a full consultation, we offer advice and solution, we recommend home maintenance products. Yes retail! Yes this is sales. Yes its an essential component to after salon care, its sharing with our clients how best to look after and manage this new process.


The EGOLISS home maintenance system:

We have to as stylist get over the hurdle of selling and sales and start think of it as recommending “extended warranty” if you like for the service you have carried out. EGOLISS Discipline Frizz control system has been specifically designed by Alterego Italy to support the salon service and after the client home after care to to the smoothing treatment they have invested in.


Its the EGOLISS Three step system.

1.  Taming shampoo. A discipling shampoo perfect for fizzy hair formulated to address that unruly fizz/hair structure.Its deep and cleansing action tames fizz leaving the hair weightless smooth and silky soft. [Ph 5.00-5.5]

2/ Taming mask. Formulated to nourish and control that frizz apply evenly along mid lengths and ends leave on for tow to three minutes, rinse [Ph4.5 -5.0] off apply “Liss control”


3/ Liss control. Discipline spray with thermal protector, used to protect the hair from styling tools hairdryers, flat irons, curling tongs, Designed to protect the hair and close the cuticle with its low [Ph1.5-2.0]

These product work together to improve and maintain the hairs condition and works to protect the hair whilst allowing the client to recreate that smooth salon look at home using various styling tools available to them.


If we do not take the time with our clients to explain how important home maintenance is and educate them as to how these product work they will never be totally happy with the services you deliver as they will not be able to emulate it at home. Investing in the right product is an investment in the longevity of the process and service they have had carried their salon and stylist.

We offer solution, we make recommendation, we do this in the consultation redeliver a spat of our salon service and customer experience.

Alterego Italy do not pay me to write this nor do they censor my reviews in any way.

This is just me sharing what I think is a very exciting addition and and product to an already out standing product range.

For information Contact Paul Farrell for information or product in the uk.all the Alter Ego Italy products are available for delivery to UK and Ireland from I am posting this because some of the salons in the UK are having difficulty sourcing stock at the moment. Alter Ego Italy are hoping to have a resolution very soon. He will help you all he can


My model has previously coloured hair and is about 30% Grey we colour with Techno fruit 7.44 30 vol cream developer permanent colour and then colour balance using on of the many Alterego Italy colour options available.IMG_0035

We have also in the past  lightened the mid lengths and ends with the Hi-lite colour lifting product and again colour balanced, or used Passion colour mask or Just colour to create texture and vibrancy. Strong think hair good condition but prone to being slightly unruly or frizzy so an ideal candidate for this smoothing system

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