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IMG_2669The Professional products we use are formulated to do a specific job, be it  Scalp Bleach on or off scalp. Tint. High lift Tint. Smoother/Relaxers. A great deal of time and re -search goes into formulating and testing these products.


This being the case why do more and more of this discussion and forum groups have stylists giving advice and suggesting adding ingredients to formulations such as, coconut oil or thick your tint with corn- flower, offering advice on such matters as mixing and timing ratio’s.


Does this really help? How can you offer some one a formulation without all the facts, how can you give a formulation without seeing feeling and doing a consultation.

A danger sign is going out: Social media usage is taking over from pure training and education, poorly trained with out ongoing skill updates is creating a new breed of mobile and freelance stylist who have to be careful when seeking answers to technical question by social media not working.


Education training investing in oneself ones career ones future is an essential, as is following manufacturer instruction regarding the professional products we use. Who do we blame when things go wrong , when we are not using and applying products as directed. Tube video’s and social media discussion have a place its a place if support however it will never replace pure challenging training and education.


Sharing of thoughts and idea’s is one thing industry and fellow support is great recommending home short cuts giving formulations maybe not such a good idea.

Use professional quality products, be professional, stay informed, stay current, don’t take short cuts and please don’t add anything to exclusive salon professional products, remember for every action there is reaction!


With so many high quality advanced products, formulations and systems available to us training and correct sue is essential. Product knowledge and training is something thats would be on going to all stylist salon based freelance mobile and booth renters. understanding how products work staying current on health and safety issues having the bailey to discuss these product their features and benefits is also so important.

An example of this:

Cream Coactivator is a special stabilized oxidizing cream, enriched with with innovative new generation conditioning cationic agents. The treating, replenishing and softening action of its active principles guarantee maximum cosmetic results.


Adding home ingredients to professional products is dangerous and unprofessional and does nothing to improve or enhance professional products, nor does adding heat always speed things up messing around with formulations. all lead to poor results.


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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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