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On scalp bleach and high lift blonde.

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Going blonde from a level natural 5 the process.

On scalp bleach and high lift blonde.

I would like to share with you this high lift bleach and colour process

For many stylist attaining a controlled blonde with an on scalp bleach can have some challenges, namely getting the right amount of lift without damaging or over processing the hair and lifting out the orange and yellow pigment to create a great shade ready for toning.



I decided that I wanted to go blonde again I hate yellow and my hair is a natural level 5 here is the process using AlterEgo Italy “Pure Diamond lift” and “Be Blonde products” supported by the amazing revolutionary product for bleaching and lightening “EGOBOND” A system that protects enhances hydrates.


I started off with quite a large dark root and some old lightening so hard to be careful of over lapping the bleach, using total Blonde activator and Pure light cream mixing ratio 1 to 2 to this I added 7.5 ml of EGOBOND booster step one. The EGOBOND additive treatment contains special Keravis Bond improves resistance elasticity without compromising the technical results of the formulation applied.


I applied the formulation to the roots taking care not to over lap on the previous bleached hair put on a bath cap and left to process for 40 minutes, The lift was really good but still to orange I remixed the formulation and reapplied directly over the first application, this keeps the processing lifting washing off stops the action and really inhibits the process, With afresh formulation it started to lift out the remaining pigment very easily. Once I had attained a good level 9 level with pigment exposed strong yellow.



I rinsed and washed off, normally one would now apply step two of the EgoBond process. However my goal was a much lighter controlled blonde tone. I now mixed a pure diamond lift High lift colour formulation HL.91 pearl Ash one part colour two parts developer and again added step one of the EGOBOND 7.5 ml all over full head application process time 40 minutes.

By using the bleach to get the the required lift and the high lift blonde with both extra lift and pigment control I was confident I could attain the blond shade required whilst having healthy look hair.


After a full process time of 50 minutes I washed with Colour care shampoo and towel dried and applied 7.5 ml of Step two of the EGOBOND system leaving it on for 10 minutes this step helps with hydration and overall condition an essential step to maintaining the hairs health and integrity final rinsed this off and applied the step 3 Sealing treatment this nourishes, detangles leaving the hair looking and feeling anything but bleached and toned an amazing product and salon support tool a must for all stylist.



This process and application worked really well it has given me the shade and tone I wanted without any unwanted warmth without compromising the hair condition or integrity. Bleaching and toning is a process not to be rushed or forced if we do this then we can create the shades and tones we want whilst still having healthy conditioned hair with natural shine and healthy feel.


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