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Be Blonde Pure Diamond lift

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Be Blonde Pure Diamond lift


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Ten days ago I did a stand test on a natural level 6 head of hair with grown out highlights.


This review is now on the out come and final application on doing an all over high lift blonde colour application on previously highlighted hair. Taking a natural Level 6 hair to a natural level 9 /10 shade of blonde.

This link will take you to the stand test carried out ” High lift Blonde hair colour

IMG_4391This head of hair as stated is natural level 6 with old highlights the under section is natural having never been coloured so getting an even lift and pigment control take consideration in formulation choice and application so not to get banding or uneven lift and deposit.


Formulation Pure diamond lift HL1 “Ash’ essential choice given the natural level and considering the pigment that will have to be controlled and lift required.


1 part colour to 2 parts developer applied mid lengths to ends first through the rear section and in this instance the side section leaving out the highlighted top section.  Starting the application at the back working up to the crown area, making sure to saturate the hair with product whilst not disturbing /agitating the hair to allow lift and deposit without allowing the pigment to oxides to early. Its is always recommend with high lift colour application to start applying formulation at the back do not start at the front. See and read instruction or manual.IMG_1125

Leaving the mid lengths and ends to process for 20mins. Using this time to section the top area to be able to apply the high lift formulations to some sections and then to also do some 2o volume bleach sections so that the colour will not look to solid and also to blend new high lift colour with the older highlights also to control any warmth issue that may be created when using high lift colour on previously highlighted hair.

After 20 minutes of processing on the mid lengths and ends mix a new amount of formulation again 1 part colour 2 parts developer 40 vol this will be a root application also making sure to blend with the already processing hair once applied process time 50 mins.


Remember we are thinking about lift an deposit pigment control. Once this has been applied we quickly apply the HL1 formulatiion to the sections on the top running it slightly into the bleach chair to blend, the other section to be bleached /de colorised application on scalp 20 volume coactivator mixed with pure light cream again running it down the hair to blend with old highlights. my goal was to have all the process at the same time. Application being tidy and speed is essential take the time to set up your station and have everything to hand work cleanly and efficiently.


After 50 mins the the lift and control is perfect a level 9 beige blonde as per the strand test. The bleached sections a very pale yellow ideal for toning and blending in the older highlights with the new colour.

Once processed time was complete the colour was washed out a little water was added the bleached section rinsed and the whole formulation was slightly agitated and emulsified together then rinsed until running clear washed with Color care and conditioned with colour care.


The biggest worry with this type of procedure is to much warmth not enough pigment control leaving the formulation on for the full 50 mins is essential as is reviewing the shade achieved after washing off.

In this instance I always knew I wanted to tone the new lighter bleached sections to blend them with the old highlights and to really make sure that the tone reached was even throughout and would have a slightly cool edge to it.


Using Be Blonde Pure toner Platinum mixed with co activator 1 part colour to 2 parts developer I applied all over the top section only leaving out from the crown down as this was all high lift colour application. I kept an eye on the tone as it started to neutralise the unwanted warmth but left it on for full term of 20 minutes process time. Happy re washed as above and conditioned.


The hair was razor cut to add some super and dimension and then blow dried using Grip it off styling mousse from the Hasty Too range of products.



I recommended that for home maintenance the Be Blonde shampoo and conditioner wold be perfect with using the Silver mousse as required to control any unwanted warmth. This was a new experience for accent who had only ever had half head of  highlights or the odd T section.


Result very happy a young Mum who stated I now feel young and trendy again. We as stylist and technicians are so lucky to have the ability to change lives offer solution and the creative skill and expertise to carry out such processes.



Fort my part I think given the natural shade of this clients hair i know i challenges the High lift colour to deliver a shade and tone that would compliment the clients skin tone and eye colour The Alterego Pure Diamond Lift is really an exceptional product for any salon or stylist who really wants to create some amazing blonde shades and tones.


The product line is very comprehensive offering professional products to cater for all needs of both the salon and the stylist salon products and retail support for the clients. Many new an exciting things are being launched and coming on line via their web site Alter Ego Italy and various social media platforms.

Alter Ego Italy is proud to be the only Italian brand, specialized in professional hair care. If you would like more information on this product line you can contact. Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy 

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