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Exclusive salon professional retail products

Alterego Italy

The question seems to come up more and more. Is it worth trying to build up retail sales in the salon? Or as many seem to think is the cheap online market of click and buy and the high street cheap deals killing off salon retail sales? Well of course both the above do directly impact salon sales, clients have more choice and indeed can become better informed with a quick search for any given product, is this really a reason to give up stocking and selling professional retail products? I think not.

Alterego itlay porduct lines


As salon owners and stylist you have the edge in all areas what are these One you have a captive audience whilst the client is with you. Secondly you have knowledge and are the professional.



Every client having any kind of chemical service needs product, from Shampoo to conditioner /treatments for home hair care. Every client needs styling products if they hope to emulate and recreate the style and look you have created, they also need instruction on how best to attain and maintain any given look and style. This being said where does it all go wrong? Why do so many clients leave without buying product? Is it pricing? Is it pressure? Or is it lack of service? Or could it be complacency or laziness?


The client

The client is key here for really they hold all the power, they have choice, its up to the salon and the stylist not only to deliver that service that experience but also to keep and maintain good client records. This starts with the consultation this is a fact finding exercise and assessment time. In relation to home management what products are they using, this knowledge allows you to make recommendation,

It’s not selling you could never expect a client to commit to purchasing a new shampoo, conditioner, styling lotion, finishing product all at the same time, however with the knowledge gained a slow transition to your salon products is possible. Start with finding out what she is getting low on and recommend accordingly keep notes of products purchased and recommended!  This is all part of the consultation its part of building a trusting relationship. Communication, consultation, service, recommendation creative solutions!

12002752_961083193931012_6077932827996094828_nThis all starts back at the title for the topic “Exclusive” This means not sold on line, not sold on the high street, only available in professional salons by professional stylists.

Many of the large manufacturers are happy to sell in all markets they may claim to be professional they may well have a professional salon product line, but they are equally happy to sell at any out let or online line sight it’s a numbers game sales and volume – equals profit.

I wrote in my book The Salon and the ‘S’ Word about the salon supplier relationship in chapter 3.  Now available in both book form or as an “I book” downloadable to your personal device. It looks every aspect of this complex business relationship.

Image 1 “Exclusive” does not give the client the luxury of buying out side of the salon Exclusive says infers, special, Exculsive indicates professional. Exclusive suggests quality and high end. Knowing this you have an advantage and part the service you deliver during the consultation is to recommend that is why clients come to you, they want to look and feel great they want to feel special they want service they want you to offer solutions to issues, these can be anything from condition to styling from colour to cuts and style. You have a captive audience your client will be buying product from somewhere every body does.

Choice of product line is essential choosing the right manufacturer and brand essential. This comes down to thinking about the bigger picture what reflects your salon your vision and values. What is any given manufacturer or distributor offering you. Can it will it help your business to grow and be more profitable? If not why are you using it why are your stocking it and trying to sell it?


Are they producing high quality products that will deliver what you want for your clients, both for the in salon services you offer and your retail sales.

Does the manufacture have continuing research and development for products and offer Product knowledge courses? Remember that chemical services offered in the salon allow you to offer retail products for home maintenance during in your consultation and whilst carrying out said service use this time is precious client time.

11924310_933988066640512_2067256040330482876_n  Professional exclusive products some times known as more be-spoke can and do offer so much more, sadly more and more these unique brands seem to be being brought up by the big name manufacturers so re-search is required.  What do you want for your salon and business, think about your vision your salon as a brand what might work with you and best reflect this.

Often having a professional brand in the salon that you sue for both your back bar in salon styling and indeed chemical services will best then fall into place with your retail area you are using and demonstrating the brand you are recommending and selling.

This makes the process much easier choose a company that offers support, education and on going training. Training classes on techniques and product knowledge, a company that offers the quality of product that reflects what you do and caters for your target market another topic covered in The Salon and the S Word a long with consideration of client demographics running a business and being successful is not easy its challenging my hope with my book was to help many avoid the pit falls.

The salon and The S Word

At this point you might be saying that companies as described no longer exist and certainly now they are few and far between but there are some who share the same vision and values, who totally support the professional salon owner and stylist, who still believe as I do that quality and service are still the very corner stone and are the very foundation that leads to profitability and success. A success that stems from excellent service, excellent consultation and communication skills, this leading to higher client retention and recommendation.


If you have read this far then maybe I have hit a note I do hope so! There is little or no point in working with any given manufacturer one lets say who is happy to provide your chemical stock and some wet line/ styling product which you then supplement with a few other name brands. This same manufacturer sells both on line and on the high street you will never have any kind of retail success.

Maybe this is ok for you but retail stock on a shelf not moving is dead money maybe at stock taking time you can write it off. Hardly good business practice.

The packaging will go out of date and in the end you will have to sell at cost or even take a hit or raffle it off at Christmas! Not good business.

Over the last months I have apart from writing my book I have been using and writing reviews about AlterEgo Italy a professional hair product manufacturer one with a vision and a set of values, that are solely industry focused working with salons and professional stylists.

A company who produce both professional hair colour and all other chemical requirement who also produce wet line products and styling aids for both the salon and the customer retail market. They do not sell on line they do not sell on the high street. They are totally committed to the salon owner and the industry, they offer technical support and training.


Having spent time this summer at their training facility and also visited their head office all I can say is that, I was so inspired that such a company could and would focus on collaboration with salons offer creative support and training whilst constantly investing in research striving to develop a higher quality of product for the professional both for salon use ad the retail market.

hair stylists the hairdresser community and profession

If the above article has inspired you or is encouraging you to reflect on your business then its been wroth while writing this, if you take it as a call to action to review your retail sales and look at your business model then even better A good place to start this is by doing your own SWOT analysis take the time to do an honest review of your business and your strategy going forward, this area is also covered in my book in Chapter 2. My web site will also take to sample pages and reviews posted by those who read and benefited from my message. Don’t rush at this take the time you need think about future your business your team your clients what is best for you all?


Finally remember this its our clients who keep us in business with out them we have nothing, then ask your self could you be doing more for them, could you cater more to their needs, is not carrying the right retail products not offering full service what they really deserve.

Thank you Mike B2MR

A little about the company & contact information:

Alter ego Italy professional hair care products 


Part of the Pettenon cosmetic’s group:

For over 50 year Pettenon cosmetics have strived to offer innovative high quality products presented from a foundation of values and innovation. Values which all its hair care and beauty treatments are based. Values that are supported by continued investment in re-search innovation and product development.


Mission of applying science and cosmetic technology to produce professional salon exclusive hair care product


Love [amore]

The prime aim of Alter Ego Italy is to offer the professional hair designer all the best possible hair care solutions. Alter Ego Italy expresses its care with salon exclusive products developed to protect, pamper and enhance the BEAUTY of hair in all its different types, forms and colors.


Quality excellence

An expert team carries out research and development within its modern laboratories where tradition fuses with innovation to develop next generation formulae. Supported by a team of specialized stylists and technician’s

my-color-aei Professional

All the Alter Ego Italy products are salon exclusive for professional use only. They have been developed to guarantee high performance and to be of the highest professional standard for maximum creative expression.

Alter Ego Italy is proud to be the only Italian brand, specialized in professional hair care. If you would like more information on this product line you can contact. Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy 


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