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AlterEgo Italy Plasmante perm

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AlterEgo Italy Plasmante perm

I wanted to use and try the new perm waving lotion from AlterEgo Italy  it works using cysteine this is an Alkaline wave /perm lotion, what is really effective is the rods used and the method used to wrap them. I have posted two video’s on this link 

Sharing Video sharing is new two me but this is very worth while so please take a look and start to think wave curl texture, to add another dimension to your work and creativity. Please take a little time to review Plasmante_  The New Technique: Soft Waves Alter Ego Italy.

IMG_4039Plasmante perm.

My model has very strong hair it styled easily but she wanted to be able to just defuse and create that soft wave beach holiday hair. Her hair is coloured quite a bright copper shade using AlterEgo Italy Techno fruit permanent colour  7/43 and “Just colour” Alterego Italy. Because she colours it condition and it not fading were a major concern.


This lotion and process is very easy and very gentle on the hair and depending on the rods you choose and the wrap technique some great results can be attained. What make sit different?

• The INNOVATIVE BALANCED formula of Plasmante,

universal perming lotion with amino acids,

is perfect for creating volume, hold and traditional waves on all hair types (natural, colored and treated) without altering the tone of cosmetically colored hair.

Its EXTREMELY GENTLE formula ideal for all hair types is boosted with:

1) CYSTEAMMINE : gentle organic substance, rapidly modifies the disulphide bonds and reduces processing time by 50%.

2) HYDROLIZED OAT: hydrates, softens, restructuring action

To the left hair pre doing the perm

The hair was washed and towel dried and then the Techni shape Pre pare was applied to the hair this evens out porosity and makes for even absorption of the perm lotion after wrapping it also contains a keratin complex to help the hair condition and structure.

The wrap I used was quite lose and on large section and rods again just wanting a very soft lose look with out any banding for over tensioning on the perm rods.I was not looking for root lift.

Starting on the under section and alternating two rod sizes and wrapping the rods in a vertical pattern. again looking for natural looking soft wave. IMG_0650


Really to create some soft wave and volume without root height or lift, wash and go with the option to style into a more finished curl when required or the mood takes.

After wrapping The lotion was applied using an applicator produced by AlterEgo Italy that allows the product to be delivered as a foam, This allows for more even absorption of the product and very little dripping or mess a bonus on all fronts.

Less lotion gets used as well.

Process times will vary depending on hair type and condition this took around 11 minutes with a plastic bag over the stop just to keep in the natural head heat.IMG_0651

No external heat is required or recommended.  In wrapping the rods on the top section were dropped a great deal at the root this also gave a little more width to the final look.


The neutralising hair has to be very throughly rinsed prior to putting on the neutraliser this should then be applied to towel dried hair and left for 10 minutes. Finally remove the rods rinse be gentle and then towel dry and spray on.


The third step the rebalancing spray this this will neutralise any final residue that might remain on the hair neutralising any left over alkaline its also smells great and leaves the hair feeling amazing. leave on for One minute rinse off and style to the look required.

I used two sizes of rod late and medium these rods are a different shape from normal rods being thicker in the middle slightly thinner on the ends. They can be ordered from AlterEgo Italy or a local representative. I will add contacts at the bottom of the blog.


Finally although this hair is long and thick the wave was soft yet strong  the colour was not effected by the process neither was the condition. I will see how it settles over the coming days and then will also stye it to create a more finished look. The goal however was wash defuse and go this we achieved.



Highly recommend this lotion the days of harsh and smelly are over the technology to create soft wave and curl is with us.

After 48 hours the hair to the right below was washed and conditioned and then defused, I did not want to dry the perm just after it was done to allow it to dry naturally. Toady using the defuser created a much better finished look, very happy with the perm and the feel of the condition.


The above left  was not defused to the right was using “HASTY TOO” Curl amplifier of course it could be blow dried out for a look with more volume and texture, Either way it encourages creativity.


 IMG_2762  IMG_9341

Alternatively one could create a more finished and defined styled curl that would last.The idea being more versatility for curl wave and texture. Still having great hair condition and great colour.

All Delivered by exclusive salon products. Presented by Alter ego Italy professional products For more information on the products or the Brand new Uk Academy here is the contact information:Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy UK, yesterday launched their new offices and brilliant NEW ERA ACADEMY. Congratulations to Tony, Paula and team for a very successful day and indeed future! Please contact the UK team through myself or Tony on +44 (0) 7411 345 376 or +44 (0) 345 871 6456.



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