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Hair products.Thoughts and views.

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Hair products.Thoughts and views.


Is it all smoke and mirrors:

In a recent exchange of thoughts with a fellow industry professional we were sharing thoughts and comments around policy and what is accepted as common place with professional hair colour manufactures. Namely the practice of deploying clever marketing tactics to promote products in some cases cases certain Ingredients are promoted whilst others are disguised or played down. In some cases companies work on the assumption that the majority of users or consumers do not know any difference when the topic of ingredients are raised and their short / long term effect.

Do we all as salon owners and stylists.

*Care enough about the products we use?

*Do we. Take the time to think about the we products we use?

*Do we. Take the time to re-search and ask the right questions regarding the products we use to deliver That ultimate salon service


We all as hairdressers owe it to our selves and our clients to be well informed and try to educate our clients on this subject. The issue was raised as to training knowledge of stylists and interest in products ingredients it was suggested that. Many hairdressers and colourist’s do not consider internal knowledge of ingredients an issue, it was also suggested that for a few performance is key and most stylists are content to be part of an industry that  revolves around beauty and creating beautiful colour and the reality of our business is generating results that provide a complimentary service for which people pay a premium.


My view on this is that whilst I agree with this in principle but don’t see how being informed and educated being able to inform clients openly about any given product would or should effect our creative talent. Clients who are paying a premium should be doing so in the knowledge that the person doing the creative work is well informed and educated and not just using products that some corporate entity or large manufacturer has produced a slick advertising campaign for.

It was also pointed out to me that our lives are touched daily with ingredients that would shock most. However this is a commercial world we live in and is based on reality. Does this mean we should not question does this mean we just have to accept it? I hope not. I think not. Transparence inspires trust! Manufacturers share technologies and ingredients and their resources are limited to what is tried, tested and approved by the cosmetic federations governing safety and usability. This was and is not the point products that are tested and certified as safe can be changed when certain elements come together also many ingredients are disguised and represented if different ways.

Just colour

Is it possible to have a company producing products that are safe to use. One that openly disclose ingredients that address issues around allergy and skin irritation. “Yes” it is. I have found products and  companies that are willing and have a mandate to be different to offer the stylist and the consumer the very best products supported by training and education a company that work and address the needs and requirements of both the stylist and the client. To be and stay focused on the professional salon and stylist. Work with those who cater for and  wanting the best for their clients delivering great service with high quality products. We all have different needs wants requirements in both quality and costing yet do we not owe it to our selves our business and our clients to research the best options to find what best fits our requirements.



Do you want Ammonia free hair colour for example. What does this really mean? Do you understand how this works?


My point here being we as  professionals have a right to question and decide. We should not assume everything written on the box is gospel. Manufactures and corporate concerns should hold professional stylist in higher regard when it’s comes to standards of knowledge and education. In closing we can as stylist change this attitude of need to know bases education, demand transparency of chemistry and ingredients and effects from manufacturing by asking questioning by becoming educated ourselves and of course most importantly by using and testing the products we use daily! Trusting the sales pitch on features and benefits is not enough! Find that company. That  company and manufacturer that offers the products you want the support you need one that share your ‘values’ and has a ‘vision’ to support the stylist the salon and the industry.


Ask your self  Do you want colour line with a focus on condition that has extra additives such a Keratin in a hair colour ? If so do you know what they Keratin does how it helps?

Would you like a colour with a keratin delivery system? One that rebuild and strengthens the hair’s inner structure, one that delivers micro colour pigments, one that will deliver the essential proteins that help regenrate and reconstruct the cortex. Do you find this interesting? would you ask, Why? Or how does it work ? Or do you know? Or Take it at face value. Do you care enough?  In this instance the claims and ingredients are all true and do help.


 Have I found such a company “yes” I believe I have, It offer support it freely shares its support material, it offers variety and versatility when it come sot product choice, most importantly its forward thinking and committed to improvement of both products and training. Alterego Italy professional hair products



It is through asking questions. Raising issue. Communication. That we can instigate change, a change that will benefit the client and the salon, a change that ask colour companies to be honest in disclosing imformation. Open discussions all will lead to professional having access to products with a chemistry they can trust. It will build relationships that will last a long time to the benefit of all parties. The salon owner.The stylist.The client. The manufacturer.


This same discussion I believe forced many of the companies producing Keratin based smoothing products to review claims and make changes to the product formulation to address the Initial fears about the dangers and concerns from high levels of formaldehyde being in some of these products be able to satisfy both stylist’s and clients that they are safe and fit for purpose.


Alter Ego Italy professional products are already having success in both the UK and all over Europe and its now ready to launch and be part of the Market in North America. It’s offering all the things that I hold dear passion and commitment to salon training and support. It has the support from being just one part of a much bigger entity that is striving for success in the salon and hair industry.

The product line is very comprehensive offering professional products to cater for all needs of both the salon and the stylist salon products and retail support for the clients. Many new an exciting things are being launched and coming on line via there web site  Alter Ego Italy and various social media platforms.

AlteregoItalyFor more information on the products or the Brand new Uk Academy here is the contact information:

All Delivered by exclusive salon products. Presented by Alter ego Italy professional productsAll the Alter Ego Italy products are salon exclusive for professional use only. They have been developed to guarantee high performance and to be of the highest professional standard for maximum creative expression.

Alter Ego Italy is proud to be the only Italian brand, specialized in professional hair care. If you would like more information on this product line you can contact. Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy

The salon and the S word and I book

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

Mike B2MR 

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