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Alterego styling products. Texture,curl, wave, volume.

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Alterego Italy

Alterego Italy

 IMG_2116Alterego styling products. Texture,curl, wave, volume.


When I was first discovered Alterego Italy I was drawn to it because of my interest in hair colour, in professional products, I was looking for a manufacturer I could associate with to use as a platform to write my blogs about hair colour and technical issues, one that would allow me to use their products and incorporate them into my writing a mutually beneficial collaboration.Alterego Image

My re search brought me to their web site, their web site opened up a window to products for professionals supported by an ethos for education training and sharing. This lead me to contacting them.

I am now playing with products and enjoying discovering so much we all have to be open to learning and embracing the new. When an assortment of products arrived this past week I was expecting hair colour I was not expecting. Shampoo, conditioner styling products. Nor was I expecting so much technical and product information.

It is my intention over the coming weeks to do hair to style hair to dye real hair pieces create my own colour extensions and share my looks and findings.

Styling aids for curl and texture. We are at  present still in a time of flat iron, keratin straitening/relaxing treatments and smooth hair and have been this way for way to long. I love strait hair but also love playing creating curl and texture this past week end I decided to play on some thick strait hair and see how much wave and curl could be created using.



Hasty TOO Curl Amplifier & HASTY TOO volume spray.





The hair I am working on was coloured 4weeks ago using Techno Fruit  colour review


Colour information.

The top section was slightly panelled again with the 7.34 20 vol on roots and 1o vol mid lengths to ends. A brighter look was the goal so although the top section is about 25% Grey I decided to see how 8.4 would cope with that percentage of Grey would it have enough [pigment to control that low level of grey without looking hot or thin. Again 8.4 with 20 vol roots mixing ratio 1 to 1.5 colour balanced mid lengths and ends 10 vol for deposit only. The process time was 35 mins and after this time the coverage and deposit like great prior to washing off.

Lets see what Hasty TOO can do!



I decided to play with it on previously washed hair, so after putting a reasonable amount of product in my had I rubbed them together to break the product down its quite smooth but has a great deal of gum like texture quite fiberous.

I then worked it into the hair prior to curling it work fit with ease was not sticky or gummy the hair was still easy to manipulate I used a small curling iron on high heat the product did not get sticky or blog up it was still very workable.

Curl texture wave :

The key to creating curl and texture is to have the hair remaining pliable so it can still be manipulated. Often heat and product creates stiff unworkable hair. This in turn means a soon as you start to play with it it goes into a frizzy matted mess.


This was not the case using “Hasty TOO curl” and “Hasty Too volume spray” my intention was  to create  a look that was soft wavy yet natural looking not contrived.


Creating texture and curl does take some work and patients especially when working with product and styling tools. Wanting a soft look that will last with out dropping out yet not looking solid and without movement.

I found both of these products easy to work with both had good texture and war very workable on the hair given that the hair was not freshly washed I was asking a lot from this product and I suppose expecting a lot or enough to share it did not disappoint on any front.IMG_8801  IMG_8802

Remember that this was coloured 4 weeks ago.

 The colour link to the blog on this is above the hair is still holding the colour shade and tone and is very healthy to feel and manipulate.IMG_8804


The results lasted for two days in some really not nice weather, walks by the sea out door BQ overall the products were really nice to use they go a long way as they they work into the hair and have a nice texture and smell. The client model for this exercise loved the look and wished it was permanent!  check out the web site.

Mike B2MR

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 Alterego styling products. Texture,curl, wave, volume.


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