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Reviewing a new colour line: Alterego Italy

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mike vallanceReviewing a new colour line:

Alterego Italy     Techno Fruit. Hair colour


Being given an opportunity to test out a new colour line is always exciting to me even more so when the offer is made supported by two company representatives with full access to all the education and support material. I would very much like to thank Phil Clark and Tony Cripps for making this possible.

shade and tone pigment

As we all know hair colour the chemistry the technology is constantly evolving. It is my humble opinion that Italians produce the best hair pigment for hair colour. In this instance the Alterego Italian professional hair colour has reaffirmed through the Techno fruit hair colour range that high quality hair colour is still very much available and that you do get what you pay for. That service and technical support are essential with any colour line. This colour comes 100ml or over 3oz tube with a mixing ration of 1part colour  to 1.5 part developer. Its  very smooth constancy makes it easy to apply covers well an does along way.

IMG_8670  Above: Pre colour showing re growth and grey hair

For me I have  a list of things that I look for in a for colour, off the bat mixing ratio smell texture. all of these past with flying colours although an ammonia based colour its very low percentage with zero smell, it mixes very well to smooth easy to apply consistency, observation is that it does not start to oxidise quickly i.e. It being a non direct dye the colour pigments oxidises in the development time of the colour. Today I was using Gold Copper and Copper working within natural level 7 lighting in place to Copper level 8

Basic colour wheel

I used two shades and three formulation  7.34 or level 7 gold copper with 20 vol roots for on level level of lift mid lengths and ends 10 vol for deposit only with this colour line  this colour balancing. this was applied through the underneath sections, sectioned from temple  to temple.


Above: Rear view of old colour and regrowth root issue and fading.

The top section was slightly panelled again with the 7.34 20 vol on roots and 1o vol mid lengths to ends. A brighter look was the goal so although the top section is about 25% Grey I decided to see how 8.4 would cope with that percentage of Grey would it have enough [pigment to control that low level of grey without looking hot or thin. Again 8.4 with 20 vol roots mixing ratio 1 to 1.5 colour balanced mid lengths and ends 10 vol for deposit only. The process time was 35 mins and after this time the coverage and deposit like great prior to washing off.

Alterego Image

The colour rinsed out and washed out very well no staining of the scalp or greasy residue building after washing easy to comb out and felt very soft. I am very impressed with the grey coverage and the fact that although I chose not to add any N series  to the formulation to address the grey hair the pigmentation of there colour was enough to deliver excellent deposit and coverage.


Above:  Two shades slightly panelled the colour with the level 8 copper being shown of by the slightly more natural level 7 gold copper

left the hair feeling soft and conditioned when styled out it was very skinny and smooth and full of life. I am very impressed with this colour for all over coverage,grey coverage, depth an shade of colour and tone and the conditioning qualities.


Above: Shows very well the Grey coverage again “No” N series was used in the formulation as I wanted to test the colour for its depth of pigment and coverage for its vibrancy of the colours shade and tone.

My next review will be using high lift blonde and doing both highlights and low lights.


Mike B2MR

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Two weeks on and the copper and gold tone lasting really well no fading on bleeding when washing very impressed i posted a review two weeks ago but love sharing how it s going when testing a new product line.


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