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What is a Brand & Do you need one ?

What is a Brand & Do you need one ?


The third in our series of short extracts from the book is now available just click on the link below an start to think about your brand !

How must importance do you put on creating your salon brand as an individual stylist have you considered that you are your brand!

In all instances salon, mobile, freelance, your brand is a reflection of what you stand for it is representative of the values you operate your business by.

Its reflective of the services you offer.


The third in our short sample chapters is from chapter 4 What is brand & do you need one?

Taken from the Salon and the S word 

The salon and The S Word

People recognise major brands instantly, their names are known around the world. What is it that makes a brand unique, is it the packaging or the product?

What does a brand mean to potential customers, can you create your own?


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