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The salon and the S word

              The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance


I’m so pleased to be able to introduce my first book as an Author.

Salon studies approached me as a new author: To write a second book aimed at salon owners or experienced stylists considering ‘going it alone’.


The new release: The Salon & the ‘S’ Word is available to order now through our website, or buy online through

Available  now both as a paperback and now the new  E- book version  /I book

Its written from an authoritative point of view, by someone who has had the benefit of both salon background as well as field technician working for an international hair product manufacturer. Packed full of tips and trade secrets; The Salon & the ‘S’ Word takes you through all the essential ‘S’ words that result in Salon Success!

Update on links below and now also available as an I book after two weeks deliberation we are now a E-book for sale in their repositories Click here for E book Link 

Click on the link below for a sneak preview of the pre-publication samples and extracts.

The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

Published:        February 2015

Price:               £12.99 GBP – $19.95 USD

Price:                $7.99 Direct from I book  



Salonstudies have just published the latest addition to the popular Hair Stylist’s Guide series.

This book;The Salon and the ‘S’ Word, is an essential read for any hair stylist thinking about starting out on their own.

All student hairdressers and qualified hairstylists, dream of having their own business at some point. They see the transition from hairdresser to business owner as a natural progression; regardless whether they plan a mobile business from home or take on a larger salon venture. However, the latest statistics from predict that 1 in 5 new business start-ups, fail within the first year and that up to 50% fail within 3 years.

This book written by Mike Vallance (and edited by industry lead author Martin Green) looks at all the essential ‘S’ words that collectively, lead to SUCCESS.

Mike Vallance has had a lifetime in the industry and on the international stage as both hairstylist and educator. He now heads up a support group on LinkedIn and his Professional Hairdresser’s Knowledge Network now has more than 10,000 members with representatives from all aspects and levels of the industry.

The Salon & the ‘S’ Word 

“In writing this book Mike Vallance, focuses upon all the essential ‘S’ words that underpin our salon procedures and creates the ‘benchmark’ for excellence in our global hair industry”.

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The ‘S’ Word topics:  

Service – The word that everyone talks about and is fundamental to everything we do. We know what bad service is, but how do you measure good service? What do our customers want, what do they expect? What are your standards like, could you improve?

Sales & selling – If you can sell; you are likely to do well if you cannot, you won’t go far. Who are our customers, where do they come from? How do we identify our own target market and capitalize on the relationship? Do you know the principles of merchandising and want to set-up your own retail ‘one-stop-shop’?

Suppliers – Your purchases affect your profits, so the less you spend, the more you earn. How do you maximize the relationship with your supplier? How do you achieve better deals and discounts with your suppliers? How do you compete against the big shops and stores?

Staff – As an employer, the people that work with you, should work for you; but how often do they seem to be doing their ‘own thing’? Are you getting the best from them, could they be more efficient, effective and productive?

Find the answers to these questions and many more and make your future a huge success.

Great news to the  E- book is now available for The salon and the S word just got this note confirming that its available.

Click here


Hi Mike,
I don’t want to bother you with business when you are on holiday, so I will be brief.

Your ebook has passed the first hurdle for fixed format production and distribution. It is publicly available through Blurb and available for download (priced at £3.99) for the Apple IPad & IPhone.

It will take a little longer to pass muster via Apple’s own IBooks distribution,

The Salon and The “S” word  link to reviews

See what being said !

The first review on the book are coming in and being shared

Quote “Pam Decharo” Salon Owner, Hair International, Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Ca

I wanted to not comment on Michael’s book until I had fully read it,

The Salon and the S word is probably the highest level book you’re going to be able to but for such a low price. It covers many VERY advanced topics – who are your customers? [demographics] how do your customers think? [psychodemographics] salon locations, stylist development, salon development…  big thank you to Pam Decharo.

The Comb magazine. review page 110

Mike. B2MR: