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Assistance and advice service

    The three R’s that create success:.

“Reputation, Recommendation, Retention”

We all know it and we’re all tired of hearing about it…these are challenging times for small businesses. Costs are rising, customers are spending less and in our industry the Groupon culture is seen by some as being responsible for a loss of client loyalty. Is this really the case or are there other reasons that we need to consider in retaining and developing our salon business? And what can we do about it? As it turns out, a great deal – it is just a case of perspective, honest assessment and a commitment to change.

Asking for help or seeking advice can be daunting and challenging. How  do you chose who to work with? How do you determine if the person you are working with has your best interests at heart?  Easy! Start by having a conversation by phone or Skype at a time that works for you. No sales pitch. You ask the initial questions and steer the conversation. I will fill in the blanks. I know how important it is to establish trust in order to build a relationship.


Through B2MR’s “Help assistance and advice service” service, I will personally assess all elements of your salon and make sound practical recommendations based on my findings. Best of all, my first full day initial consultation will be complimentary (pre-agreed travel expenses reimbursed), with no commitment to continue.

A full review will include:
Salon brand and image
Client service, satisfaction and loyalty
Technical and professional skills assessment
Ongoing skills development
Salon marketing
Salon products: chemical, wet line, and styling
Retail products and stock control
General salon operations

Beyond the initial consultation, the process is then structured across a realistic timeframe that works for you. I believe in taking a fully transparent approach to business so publish my rates up front so you know what you might expect.

Generally, I recommend one day a month for the first 3-4 months and then a half day every quarter thereafter as agreed. Improvements are measured on an ongoing basis so that you can see how progress is being made within your business and how pre-determined targets are being met.

Please note that while I currently offer this service only to salons within the UK, I would be happy to entertain an overseas challenge.

Mike B2MR