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About me

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mike Vallance.

I have over thirty years experience in the hair business my most recent challenge has been to write a book this I have now had published and its getting some great reviews  The Salon and The S Word

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As salon coach I would like to share the wealth of experience I have with you and your team. What are your challenges? What is your vision for success? If you don’t have one we will form one together. I can help you achieve your goals and reach beyond your current reality.

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Born in London and having trained in London with some of today’s top celebrity stylists I then went on to own successful salons in Kensington and Chelsea as well as more recently in western Canada while also working as a hair educator and platform artist.

And now… I’ve come back to my roots!

I am now living in Canterbury, Kent – very much in the southeast of England but within easy reach of London and beyond.


My career to date has enabled me to accomplish all that I have strived for and yet I feel I still have much to learn and to share. Having been fortunate enough to have had an education platform to share both my knowledge and experience with many fellow stylists over the years, I am firmly committed to raising the bar and standards that we as stylists can and do accept.


I work with salon and business owners, salon teams and individual stylists in the areas of Salon Consultancy and Stylist Training. I firmly believe personal growth and business success stems from one’s motivation to gain knowledge and seek out continuous education.


Consultant. Coach. Adviser. Problem Solver. Educator.

What business concerns do you have? Can we solve them together?

From time to time we all feel a little lost or overwhelmed. We have questions that need answers. These feelings are caused by the problems and challenges of running a business. Staff retention and training. Retail Sales. Product knowledge. Advertising. Client retention. Service. Image. The list goes on. Knowing when to ask for help and asking questions is when we grow, learn and move forward. Are you ready to ask the question “Can you help me?”

My philosophy on moving forward

It has been my privilege to solve these and many other issues using my knowledge and my  experience to face issues, solve problems, and move ahead. We are all in the service industry. Our tool box of skills include creativity, passion, motivation and drive. But is that enough in these challenging times? I think not. We have to be very well educated and knowledgable, highly skilled in all aspects of our field.

I believe the key to success is listening to clients. These might be be hair clients in front of us for a consultation or a salon owner looking for help, seeking answers to questions and issues. To understand the client’s needs and desires, one has to ask the right questions but also be ready to listen and provide answers by giving sound advice offered from a firm foundation of knowledge and experience. I will always give nothing but honest advice. Even if it’s not what you want to hear it may be what you need to hear!

Just call me for a consultation and we can discuss the options available to you at 07 824 902 455.

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