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Professional hair products.The MLM Influence.

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Professional hair products.The MLM Influence


Once in awhile a pic or trend surfaces that grabs my attention. In this case it started when I was approached and invited via LinkedIn to look at a product line with a view to getting involved, in their family as they referred to it.


I will not mention the product line other than to say that many seem to be getting involved with it its just coming to the Uk it seems to be growing rapidly and yet to me it has all the markings of being an MLM company this rings bells with me. Pyramid selling was huge in the late 80-‘s and early 90’s was I drawn in yes! They are presented so well, they offer all the answers they offer examples of a different only deemed of life style.

The reality so often is the only ones who get rich are those at the top hence the pyramid, for this to happen a continued stream of new people buying into the idea of having their own business making a living out of selling and marketing to friend who also become part of this huge machine.

Of course its always about choice, but I class my self as being  professional in the hair industry, I have always written and talked about the need for client stylist consultation and recommendation  of products for home hair care. I try and stay current and educated about such products and trends. I also like to know how products work, how do they repair hair ? Whats in them to make the hair feel thicker, how do they refresh that colour? It goes beyond Ph balance and sulphate free, I have learned that many companies can and do hide and disguise whats in their products, they focus on the features and benefits, we have duty of care to question this with all products!

Do we know what’s in colour enhancing products the formulation? Direct dye ? How do they open the cuticle, Do they build up on the hair over time? Can they effect future professional colour application. When using and selling professional products w should be trained educated have the knowledge to answer these. Does a company who’s real goal is sales and growth offer educational support and training, of course not they are not a professional product they want to be house hold name  ad brand. Consideration of the professionals needs and thinking is not part of this sales machine. Click on links for further information and related topic’s 

I do not think that a product line sold designed to be sold to nay consumer is the same as professional products designed only to be sold through the salon thus supporting the profession the salon and offering service to our clients. I’m seeing more and more posting on social Media groups and threads about certain products line as people try and find new ways to grow their own markets. For me I use LinkedIn  as a platform to connect with other professionals.

The professional hair dresser knowledge net work group” I set up and manage unlike many does not allow advertising or self promotion , it currently has in excess of 12,000 members. I would not post topic’s or links in the hopes of getting any of them involved in any kind of MLM scheme or franchise, so it begs the Question why do people write to me with such opportunities ? Well they want my contacts they want me to make them rich!

Lets keep professional products in the salon lets keep recommending to our clients whats really best for their hair and home management.

I now that there is no such thing a san easy ride or a get rich scheme if it sounds to good to be true it normally is just that. I support our industry the manufacturer the supplier the salon owner the stylist. Know that the consumer the client always has choice.

Thank you Mike B2MR

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