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Value added salon services

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Value added salon services

How can a salon and indeed a stylist increase revenue for the salon its profitability. For the stylist increased revenue generally is reflected in take home pay /salary of being commission linked.


There is an equation for any salon, number of days open, number of hours open this relates to number of appointments offered in any given week, this is then dependant on number of stylists and so number of appointments available in any given time period.

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For the stylist its comes down to number days worked number of clients that can be seen in any day in any week this then relates to weekly taking,

Being that hairdressing is a service industry one cannot over book and maintain a clientele, so time management is essential as is what services to deliver.

A growing trend is to offer deep conditioning and scalp treatments these are very profitable offering a very relaxing service, recommending these services would be classes as up selling and if added to an appointment on the day and certainly is a value added service for the service.


Deep condition treatments and scalp condition treatments with scalp masarge are become every popular they are avery personal salon service a time for the client to feel very relaxed and pampered whilst these service are carried out. The effects off using the botanical formulations can really make difference to hair and scalp health, and of course are supported with retail products for at home benefits.

Salons need to start thinking about these extra salon services.  Have a staff member specifically trained to carry out these services that are a win win for the salon and the client and any given head and scalp. They also need to be current and educated on retail products such as Goldwell Kerasilk range and system.   

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

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