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Boar bristle blow-dry brushes

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Boar bristle blow-dry brushes

Are they the best for us to blow dry and style with ? Yes ! 

Gary Sunderland know to many as the Hair Wizard and when it comes to understanding curl and texture he certainly is very impressive in his approach and confidence with hair that some often fear!

His product knowledge and understanding on hair what can do done to any fibre of hair, what products help any given issues how to get the best out of any hair type, this is why I wanted to do a blog and promotion for him and his talent and commitment to excellence.

Not a totally new association for me? No we have been talking about the industry an dhow it works for a while, however spending a little time together was a first


A man who is so talented passionate a visionary a master of curl and texture Gary Sunderland amazing creative talent refreshing product line take a look at his web site.





Here is all the information on the One styling Boar bristle brushes .
Why is the range so Special?

These hand made wooden boar bristle brushes come in 3 ranges.

The first image below is Antique speed.
They have a ceramic barrel over the wooden body.
All the brushes have custom double poking of the boar bristles with custom alignment that provides a high density of bristle more than any other.

Hair tension in blow drying is firmer providing a superior polish and finish to the hair.

The amount of Boar bristle and the custom alignment ( bristles put in at a V shape rather than straight means that the hair does NOT move down to the central barrel and allows the bristles to come into contact with the hair more for superior polish and result.

The Antique Solid beechwood range is again a hand made solid wood and boar bristle brush.

Same as the Antique speed above the hand carved handle is comfortable and light without any of the worries of heat retaining brushes.

These are THE best I have EVER used by far.boom!

My Review:

Gary very kindly gave me one of these brushes to try but as you can see he offers a full spectrum of sizes they are so well designed are of the highest quality easy to use as they are comfortable in the hand and have a good weight to them, the handle is designed to help section hair when blow drying.


The bristle are stiff enough to give grip yet allow the hair to glide through under tension. The inner core of the brush is of a lightweight metal and so retains heat to help with drying.  A brush set designed by a professional for the professional a must have tool for blow drying and styling.

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