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Creative Changer.

Innovative new technical support product by Alterego Italy/uk 

With so many new colour techniques constantly being talked about and show cased its hard to keep up. In some case they are creative, inspiring, innovative, in some cases a fancy name for an older technique, what ever the case it keeping us on our toes. layering colours next to each other fading tones from a root application down the shaft to lighter tone adding dimension and depth. These processes can be time consuming when trying to prevent shades from bleeding and leaking into each other unless some form of foil/highlighting is used.


The innovative team at Alterego Italy have come up with another forwarding think solution a product that you can mix into your permanent oxidising colour to prevent colours from leaking into each other with out the need for foil, its works when working with up to three shades an example of this might be.  7.43. 8.34. 844 you can section and lay colour without worrying about contamination.


left Roots issue pre todays process, {Right} last colour brighter copper with the first introduction of some light panels to start the process.  read below for  current process and formulation. using “Techno Fruit colour”




I have been working with a client above with a grey issue to transition from a very bright copper as seen on the right to an apricot, honey, butterscotch tone going lighter to decrease the show of a defined roots regrowth, working with skin tone eye colour and the grey issue. The bright copper was amazing but the roots issue every 4 weeks was becoming an issue so time for a re think.

Root Application:

Technofruit  8.34 15 grams 8N 5 grams total 20 Grams to help with grey coverage and preventing risk hot roots. 20 Vol cream developer 6%  30 Grams {1 oz} process time 35 mins.

Whilst this was processing the following was done to add dimension tone and refresh using the new “Creative changer” this new product will allow me not to use papers.

Again Techno fruit permanent professional colour. 10 grams 8.43  1 Gram creative changer 15 Grams 10 vol 3%. Techno fruit 10 grams 7.34  1 Gram creative changer 15 Grams 10 vol 3%. Both formulation mixed very well together until a slightly thicker cream is created.



Wearing gloves I randomly took sections and worked the colour working from root application out applying the colour down into the mid-lengths fading out into the slightly lighter ends. laying the random sections next to each other knowing that their would be know cross contamination or bleeding. This processed for 30 minutes finally after good rinse and then washing with “Nourishing Colour care”  no condition yet!

Finally a toner formulation applied all over using one of the new toners   Pastel Toner in the Be Blonde range  “Dust copper”  1 part colour 2 parts 10 Vol developer 3% I used 15 grams of colour 30 grams of developer and worked the product into the hair at the back wash wearing glove applying with a brush then working through the hair with large colouring technical comb.

My goal was to add a little tone into the Blonde pre lightened hair and add a shine all over. was he doff once happy with the tone conditioned with “Nourishing Colour care” Conditioner comb through left for 5 mins rinsed off . Styled with “Hasty Too”  smoothing balm. used large round pure bristle brush and flat paddle brush. 

Alterego Italy Uk.  Have been kind enough to provide me with a bottle of the “Creative changer” to try after doing a root application to address the 50% Grey issue I was able to lay different tones next to each other without having to foil.


I will share link with you and a description of how the new product works.








Professional thickener for creative colouring techniques.


  • It keeps the sections of different shades separate, avoiding contamination of the tone and the highlight during application.
  • Allowing up to three shades of color, placed side by side with no bleeding and no foils.



Not recommended when using extreme tonal differences such as extra reds and light blondes.


Use only with Technofruit Color or My Color, mixed with Coactivator Cream (10/20/30/40 vol.).




Follow the setting time specified for Technofruit Color/My Color.

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