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Bleach blonde or High Lift Tint

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Bleach blonde or High Lift Tint

For most stylist when a client ask s to go lighter be blonder the decision has to be taken to Bleach /de-colourise or use High lift blinding products. In so many cases the stylist reaches for the bleach unwilling to trust a high lift product, Why is this? What are the challenges? The pro’s and con’s.


Lets see:

Consultation Fact finding.

History. Previously coloured /lifted bleached. Other chemical services. Essential fact finding mission.

Desired shade and tone. Offer realistic target considering all you have learned from consultation. From listening. From visual inspection and feel.

Lets use natural level 6 N as a our starting point.

If the clients is indicating that they wish to be white, platinum or maybe fashion grey shade, then belching and toning has to be considered, Why? A lift lift formulation with give you at its very best 4 to 5 levels of controlled lift, Why is this? Its the relationship between the following.


1/ Natural hair level and the pigment you will be exposing.

2/ Formulation choice of both High lift colour shade and developer in conjunction with both application and process time.

When lifting from a natural level 6 we are asking a great deal from any given products and formulation, Many claims are made about degree of lift one can attain using high lift blond products, so here is a break down.

shades tone

Level 6 exposing under pigment Red/orange.

Level 7 exposing under pigment   Orange.

Level 8 Exposing under pigment   Orange /Yellow

Level 9 exposing under pigment     Bright Yellow

Very light Level 9/10 under pigment  pale yellow

To lift from a natural level 6 you have to lift through that six into 7 through 7 into 8 through 8 into 9. Now level 9 can be bright yellow or pale yellow so given that most manufactures claim they can lift 4 to maybe 5 levels how do you read this. four level but not high end 9 because you have had to lift and expose the pigment at the level 6

shade and tone pigment

Or some manufactures claim this as correct as they do not consider the starting point of the level 6 as needing or requiring lift. It does always thing a healthy 4 levels is attainable with full pigment control. As long as you do the following.

Mix the formula correctly.

Measure mixing ration.

Apply carefully and thoroughly following suggested application guidelines. these care different on virgin application previously coloured and agin for future root application


Timing essential do not rust this heat and a dryer is ill advised You are looking for lift and deposit this is Lift of the hair allowing the product to neutralise the pigment you will be exposing . High lift blonde products require 40 vol developer this provides more oxygen to the product in the lifting process this is why the mixing ratio of the products are normally different. The product requires full development time to allow the pigment calibrated in the products to control the pigment exposed. IF USED CORRECTLY  high lift blonde can be a very successful way to achieve and create amazing shades of blonde.

Hi-lite placement done with papers by W.R Rayson


When using Bleach/ de-colouriser the same pigments have to be removed to reach the desired level prior to toning, One would normally be trying to reach above a level 9 to warrant using a full head application of bleach and Tone. Again following the directions for mixing of formulation and application are essential.


In both and all cases stand test is advised.


The product used in this review was priced by Alterego Italy using the Pure Diamond Lift range of high lift Blonde Professional product.


Find the answers to these questions and many more and make your future a huge success.

The salon and The “S” Word

“In writing this book Mike Vallance, focuses upon all the essential ‘S’ words that underpin our salon procedures and creates the ‘benchmark’ for excellence in our global hair industry”. See book reviews and comments posted 

The salon and The S Word

The ‘S’ Word topics:  

Service – The word that everyone talks about and is fundamental to everything we do. We know what bad service is, but how do you measure good service? What do our customers want, what do they expect? What are your standards like, could you improve?

Sales & selling – If you can sell; you are likely to do well if you cannot, you won’t go far. Who are our customers, where do they come from? How do we identify our own target market and capitalize on the relationship? Do you know the principles of merchandising and want to set-up your own retail ‘one-stop-shop’?

Suppliers – Your purchases affect your profits, so the less you spend, the more you earn. How do you maximise the relationship with your supplier? How do you achieve better deals and discounts with your suppliers? How do you compete against the big shops and stores?

Staff – As an employer, the people that work with you, should work for you; but how often do they seem to be doing their ‘own thing’? Are you getting the best from them, could they be more efficient, effective and productive?

Find the answers to these questions and many more and make your future a huge success.


 The ‘Three R’s’ 
”Reputation. Recommendation. Retention”. 
It’s not built on that constant looking for new clients it’s looking after what you have! It’s investing in your self and your business and those around you.


This journey, this career, is wonderful – challenging, inspiring, and yes, hard work. w shave to ask ourselves the key reason of why we do what we why! The Why is at the heart of all choice and decisions we take and make.


Our industry is in constant change and is sometimes criticised. For lacking vision in some areas. However there is an ever growing body of professionals. That have a firm commitment to our industry, they have a passion for change, to raise standards through education and sharing. Leadership, education and team incentives.Will over time and with commitment give any individual that ability to do exceptional work and to be more creative.Leadership collaboration good management help create an amazing work environment for all concerned. So key for success for all concerned.
This journey. This career, is wonderful – Challenging. Inspiring and yes can and will be hard work. but the rewards are worth all the effort.
Thank you all for letting me share some thoughts with you today.These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with. Get inspired. Connect with driven motivated industry professional. challenge your self. invest in ones /your self 

Are you driver or passenger !

 There are no guarantees in life and ones career and career choice is no different thing happen and its how we deal with them that defines us. Jobs change relationships come and go the one thing that remains after training is our skill both hands on creative and the ones we learn about people and communication about caring about being a team player. Constantly developing new skills staying current is so very important.

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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