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The Three R’s for salon and stylist success



The Three R’s for salon and stylist success

Reputation. Recommendation. Retention. These words are the key ones to consider for all businesses rely on it all salon owners and stylists need to maintain it form ongoing growth and success. I decided not to write my thoughts along side each question or area, as I consider that my main goal here is to inspire thinking of how to make change and improvement in all area’s. This intern will grow your clientele and so increase turn over and profitability.


Of course the  Three R”s could be. Reds. Razor. Retail.?


What is your reputation worth ?

How can you build it?

Do you earn it?

Can you lose it?

Can it be taken away by other?

Does it have a value?

Do you have to work at maintaining it?


It’s our reputation that helps to define who we are. What we do. It is built on trust and mutual respect. We earn this through our action’s. By be caring offering out standing service. Excelling in what we do and produce. We can lose this in the blink of an eye we are only as good as the service we give on the day. Others will always try and want what you have become complacent and it can all change. It is invaluable one cannot buy respect reputation is build on respect. We have to constantly work at maintaining it and growing it thought what we do the actions we take. This is how we build a reputation.


*How do we get recommended?

*Can we request it?

*Does it come as a reward?

*Is it important?

*Does it contribute to success?

*Can you build on it?

• Is it related to achievement?

• We get recommendation on the service we have given. The length’s that we have gone to on building a strong relationship with our clients going beyond our normal job description caring and do a great job. We can ask for it but we will not get it! Humility helps! It certainly comes as a reward. A reward for all the time and energy given thorough service. It is so important that without building up a clientele is very hard almost impossible. Every time you have a new client every time you see a returning client. Is an opportunity to build. It is totally related to achievement hard work caring and service. That creates recommendation.



Is this guaranteed?

How long does it last?

How do you maintain it?

Can it fail?

Is it important?

Can I do without it?

Does it have value in the salon?

There are no guarantee’s in anything that we do or indeed what we produce. It lasts for as long as we stay current, focused, motivated, creative, passionate. We maintain it through hard work, thorough all that we do from the consultation we give to the service we provide. It can and will fail when we fail with that service become complacent lose focus. Without good client retention your business will never grow it may muddle along but you will never really succeed or reach your full potential. It’s value is seen at the end of the week when you realise. how many clients were returning to you how many have re booked their next appointment. That’s is measured success and great retention.


Over view on our   The ‘Three R’s’ for success

“Reputation. Recommendation. Retention”

It’s not built on that constant looking for new clients! It’s looking after what you have! It’s investing in your self and your business and those around

you. It’s You need time for the consultation. This is your time to shine. The time that reassures your client that they are special That you are considerate and that you understand their needs and wants. Your client sees you are prepared to take that extra time to use your knowledge to make them feel comfortable and safe in a professional’s hands. It is this service that gets you talked about and recommended. It is this standard of exemplary service that leads to both client retention and recommendation. Those communication and consultation skills. providing that special memorable experience. Yes that one that get client talking about!!!!

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