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The hair salon. Business and the Why



The hair salon. Business and the Why

So important to all that we do, the choice and decisions we make.

The salon. The stylist. The client.

Is this the correct order of importance? Or should it be.

The client. The salon the stylist? You decide!


Why should we consider this order if we change it, what changes with it ?

Why do I ask this ? Well for as much I think for us to be

successful we have to know what our values are. I also think

that considering the Why ? Is key to making the right business

or indeed career decisions.


This past week I watched a Tv show a struggling salon with many issues getting some external help to try and turn things around, Its was very interesting a controlling owner wanting total control yet being passive aggressive, resentful staff 17 security camera swatting every move made in every corner of the salon. A manager who was not left to manage. This leading to very poor client retention a salon relying on new weak in’s who never return ! No shared vision. No collaboration. No trust or respect. falling revenue, No profit and yet in a busy prime location .Who is at fault Why is this failing ? Here is the link to the salon Back ground . This was an interesting program I’m sure it happens in salons all the time.

The salon was not catering for the clients its was not delivering high quality caring service. This salon had forgotten to put the clients needs and wants front and centre because of lack of trust and accountability this salon was failing. Fear of going under was making the salon owners lose sight of any vision they might have had, fear was creating animosity between all parties and the clients were the ones suffering, the clients were /are showing their feelings by not returning not recommending not shooing any loyalty. Why was this allowed to happen? Why did it go on for so long?

Lost focus, lost vision, loss of caring !!!  


The Why is behind motive it’s behind choice. It’s in the question we raise wanting to find the answer to.

Why is one location better than another. Why would I open 7 days a week.


‘Why’ The core foundation question

The Why is at the core the very foundation for the questions we ask of both ourselves but also others. This ultimately leads us to the decisions and choices that we make and have to live with.

Part of my Why might be the question. Why do I get involved

with hair colour education, Brand promotion. My thought process would answer because I believe in personal growth and challenges. staying current wanting to share with others hoping to raise standards and awareness of new products. I believe in seeking out help and advice .I believe in staying professional updated and current. I believe what they offer can could and will make a difference to any one within the hair and beauty industry.


Why’ Then the ‘How question’

As importantly the Why is at the center of how we question others about their choices and decisions especially if they have an impact on us !

Again we pose the question await and answer. We have to accept some times that we might be wrong we certainly should admit if we don’t know or understand something, for it then opens the door for the next question. That being I don’t understand could you explain Why! The web link was shared with me but I found it really interesting.

We all have to allow for the fact that we should never stop learning it is very important to realise that there is always more to learn.


There will always be another WHY

There will always be another Why? It doesn’t matter if you look at someone and think they’re the bee’s knees, those knees may well still tremble from time to time.

That platform artist that’s on stage or that educator speaking at the seminar. In a recent discussion a question was raised Why? Do efforts to make change often fail.

This of course can apply to everything or anything but from a salon perspective I would have say lack of salon consensus, commitment, team work and collaboration. below my own creative space for colouring and razor work.

Why, how, what’s it for?

What do we need to do? Here are some simple questions to ask ourselves

What is the outcome I/we want to achieve? (vision)

Why should I/we do it? (purpose and values)

How should I/we go about achieving it? (implementation plan)


Change only happens when we take action . Thinking about the Why is is the foundation stone to implement positive change. I am fully aware that this is not a normal hairdressing topic my goal is alway’s to push buttons maybe stimulate thought and discussion maybe to raise the Why!

We make decision that create change for example deciding to switch to a new line of salon products. Why would you do this ! Change, challenge. In making  a decision to do something like this you are taking your salon and team in a new direction.You are offering your clients something new,You are showing that your current and willing to introduce new things in to the salon. Not to be undertaken lightly but  a great way to pull the team back together inspire educate collaborate!




Switching to new salon products both for the salon and retail can be so rewarding on so many levels!



Collaboration. Innovation. Creative thinking. All growing together, creating solutions. getting past the problems and asking the questions ‘How’ and’ Why.’ The rest follows. so yes to be continued!!!


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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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