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Hair Salon owners Stylist reflection time.

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Hair Salon owners Stylist reflection time.

This can be good time of year to take a moment to reflect on the past year its achievements, your values vision and goals from here we can plan a forward thinking strategy for the new year.

What drives and inspires what motivates us to be a Salon Owner in the first place? I spend a great deal of time exchanging thoughts and views with fellow professionals. A key observation that I have is how disillusioned so many salon owners, beauty therapists and stylists are about their salon business and their success.

We have to ask the key question. What was it the brought you into this industry? Why did you become a hair stylist or beauty therapist? Why did you start a salon? You wanted to be successful. What changed? What has gone wrong? This is something so many struggle with – remembering that vision. That goal of offering something new and exciting, of being different, of being a success.



In many cases not enough time was spent laying down a platform that becomes the foundation of the vision you wish to create. This vision is your blue print for success and as such should be planned very carefully. Sadly many salon owners and stylists do not take the time to consider what they want or what they are prepared to do to succeed and in some cases what direction to travel in! Taking the time to consider and reflect on ones vision is so important it lays the foundation stone for your success.


What does your vision look like?

This is yours – that dream salon offering all that is important to you. Where is it located? How does it look? How big is it? How many staff do you have? These are just a few things that would be part of your vision. The important thing here is that by creating a vision you are laying down that plan and starting to form a strategy to move forward from of course action is required!

In many cases – just thinking about formulating a vision is not enough. Make sure you write this vision down. It can be changed and added to at any time. Sharing ones thoughts has helped and inspired countless salon owners and stylists get over this hurdle of building and creating a vision. It is the foundation for your branding and positioning! As you add different components to your vision, like a jigsaw, it starts to take shape and you start to see that picture of success. There will be issues to face and challenges to overcome, but can be minimised when the plan is clear.

Allow me to share my experience with you on this journey to help you stay on track and avoid some of the pitfalls that can deter you from carrying on.  Visit here where I will blog regularly to share with you.


Not having a vision is like being the captain of a ship without a rudder and a compass! Remember whatever you are currently doing is giving you the results you are currently getting. This is so true and why it’s time to have clear vision – one that is realistic and will work. Do not settle for second best. Why should you. Your team – the staff – should share and reflect your vision. They are ambassadors for you and your business from the way the salon looks, your marketing and advertising, what your staff wear, the salon policies, your training, your role … every decision stems from your vision.
Having that vision is just the start its the first piece of the jigsaw puzzle, to see the whole picture we need to visualise everything falling into place. What do your pieces look like? Salon pricing leads on to commission this can and does effect profit, marketing, understanding your clientele their spending habits.Your salon the brand you have created. The salon culture, does it reflect you and yes this is me /us? Your ‘Vision’ everything is linked in the salon and in business. Food for thought or time for some action only you can decide on this!
Happy christmas and a very successful festive season to all . Mike

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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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