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Education + skill update=Collaboration


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Education + skill update=Collaboration


Twice this year I have had the privilege and opportunity to travel from the Uk to spend time with a salon owner and her team In California. With a target of  earning team trust developing relationships that would allow me to work on specific skills sets, improving self confidence leading to better communication skills a gaol of inspiring the team to have a better understanding of the essentials to build up and retain clients.

This all starts with communication this enables any if us to have the confidence to deliver the perfect consultation, this leads to being able to ask the right questions to offer solutions make recommendations. this leads to what the salon owner really wanted to see, higher levels of self confidence leading to an ability through improved consultation to up-sell services and also see an increase in retail sales throughout product recommendation again all possible.

Many salon owners don’t see value in bringing in out side help. I can tell you that working with this salon team has proved to me that staff can change their mind set that they are willing to step up and be challenged.


What is the key to getting a salon team on board to embrace an out sider to get them comfortable enough to coming to terms with the thought of change that being a willingness to work towards  and embrace the idea of new techniques, sharing weaknesses asking for help becoming collaborative. I think it takes mutual respect from the salon owner and the team, Its takes from my point of view being willing to get to know each team member put the at ease, It takes not having an Ego or attitude an understanding that to get through to each and every stylist you have to earn there trust and respect who they are as people, its allowing for cultural differences its know that we all have a past a story and carry a certain amount of baggage.


This can be done by being honest, being approachable, being patient and most importantly caring. I cannot name the salon or the owner who I have such immense respect for, this salon owner had the courage to think about a new approach to improving things in the salon and made it happen, For me it was an honour to be apart of this and to see the success that it has delivered. A success at a salon and business level but more importantly at a stylist level in personal growth and self confidence to have been apart of this, to have seen this growth in all the stylist is very humbling, for all that I shared with them I learned so much more about others and my self.


Sharing motivating and inspiring others is so rewarding, Change can and will happen when every body all the team want it to and see how important it is what benefits it can bring,

In the end the real winner is the clients service improves , combination is better the consultation is delivered with confidence, recommendation to clients are take seriously this leads to better client retention and so recommendation form clients to others family and friends.

We must never forget that each and every one of us make our living from people, from delivering service, from being creative from making people look ands feel better, from building trust from developing relationships. all very powerful and yet we must never get complacent, never stop be willing to learn grow and from time to time make some attitude adjustments.



On these two visits for both periods we have worked on models as well as personal skills all the pic’s posted here have been done by “The salon team” often working with models with issues around home and box colour the challenge to educate them back into the salon back into healthy hair. We have tried to introduce new products new techniques offering alternatives to expand on everyones skill set. We did also spend time on technical colour knowledge, we used Goldwell colour products, and WR.Rayson hi-lit papers. see previous posting 

Thank you to all at “Hair International Palo Alto” you know who you are all of you !


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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

Essential for success: commitment, focus, drive, a willingness to make change keeping an open mind. planning. taking responsibility for ones choices making and taking hard decisions. Honesty and staying creatively challenged.

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