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Hair International Palo Alto. CA

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Hair International Palo Alto. CA

This past week I have been with Pam Decharo owner sole of Hair International Palo Alto Ca

Pam has a huge salon in the Stamford shopping centre, Its a hive of activity in a great location  We have been working with her team on a few area’s the fun stuff, technical, creativity, application, formulation,


Just as important those key skills communication, delivering that consultation recommendation, up selling of services making rail recommendation, and re booking, all this leading to greater client retention, recommendation and most important higher standard of service. All of this  built on that foundation of us being able to listen communicate and offer solution to our clients.

This weeks training was  supported by WR Rayson and Goldwell North America /CA


img_7288 The team learned and tried using the Hi-lite papers for both slicing panelling and high lighting.img_7287 Explored their use in colour correction and discovered the versatility of using these waxed paper thank you to Danielle at WR, Rayson for providing papers for this event. For the most part although hesitant at first most of the team really enjoyed this new concept and product.

Pam has a huge team and w tried to work on models with them all. Finding good models is not always easy, especially with todays client colour issues and over the counter box colour all area see addressed discussed and dealt with.

Here are Some highlights of the week colouring img_7505 img_7415 img_7411 img_7412From box colour issues of fading to poorly done and executed looks we had it all.

img_7369 img_7362 img_7360 img_7209img_7253 The client want to be cool red, Those who crave true blonde not yellow or orange. those who hair just fades and looks orange or yellow we

had many issues to address and the team through in depth consultation asking those key questions listening feel looking touching offered alternatives and solutions img_7173img_7463img_7443img_7441

For the most part our clients want honesty they want advice they want to know that as professionals we can take charge we can right a wrong that we can fix and correct issues and disasters , what do we the salon and stylist want? Our clients to trust us and know what we recommend for them has their best interests at heart.

A great team who this week excelled in all area’s the we addressed together. Thank you to the team at Hair International. Thank you Pam Decharo

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

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