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Be Blonde Home maintenance products

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Be Blonde Home maintenance products


Be Blonde and Beautiful by Alter Ego Italy

The stylist your salon expert knows exactly what Blonde hair needs and can personalize a home program so that any clients Blonde is always stunning fresh revitalized.

The consultation is the time to introduce home maintenance products. These care products designed to help our clients maintain their colour and style, It is essential that we take the time to offer solution make recommendation of these professional retail products.


Three easy home steps one system.

1/ CLEANSE.  Pure Illuminating shampoo [sulfate free]

2/ TREAT.      Pure Illuminating conditioner

Ideal for Blonde, bleached, pre lightened hair

3/ RETAIN.      Pure Blonde re fresh leave in colour refresh mousse

4/ ILLUMINATE. Pure Illuminating Spray Illuminate and protect at home.


How so? All Blondes be they all over Coloured. Bleached. Lightened and toned.

All over time tend to suffer over time from losing that fresh Blonde intensity they have when leaving the salon. Environment, type of water, natural hair pigmentation will all have an influence.



Now with the home Refresh system they can revitalize that look control unwanted warmth. Say good by to that gold hue or keep alive that warm edge. A home system unique to every clients needs recommended by a salon professional exclusively yours.



Client review of Be Blonde.



I was recently introduced to the Alter Ego Blonde product line and I have been very impressed with the results. I have often found that my coloured hair is a combination of dry at the ends but greasy by the roots. I often had to wash my hair daily which, over time, led to a dull appearance, sometimes even a brassy looking colour.


I use the Be Blonde shampoo and conditioner once a week, so that it can revitalise my hair. I find that both products working together is conditioning but without the weight that some other hair products have, there is also no residue or stickiness that is also sometimes apparent. Although the shampoo and conditioner aim to lighten the hair over time, the fragrance of the products is pleasant and the results are very subtle.


When I wash and condition my hair, I do not have to wash it daily and the results last well. I have recently also started to use the shine product. As I tend to swim regularly, I again feel like the blond can become dull, brassy or appear green. The shine product can be applied directly to towel dried hair, it is not sticky and two pumps is sufficient product for long hair. After the hair is styled, I notice a vast improvement to the colour of my hair, the shine and condition. I use this product fortnightly.



I also use as required use the Beige mousse I apply a handful of foam and work into my hair prior to blow drying this controls any unwanted warmth that is starting to show especially around the re growth area as the colour grows out, its easy to use and apply and blow dry’s in really well a very useful product that help me main tone the tone I like

I also like that with all products, a small amount goes a long way, ensuring value for money and longevity of the product.


I would happily recommend to others, as it means I do not need to have my hair coloured as frequently and over time the condition of my hair has continually improved.


I am very impressed and would urge anyone that presents with hair that needs frequent washing, has a residue or dullness, give this product a try.


All the Alter Ego Italy products are salon exclusive for professional use only. They have been developed to guarantee high performance and to be of the highest professional standard for maximum creative expression.

Alter Ego Italy is proud to be the only Italian brand, specialized in professional hair care.

For Alterego Italy products and information Contact Paul Farrellfor information for product in the uk. All the Alter Ego Italy products are available for delivery to UK and Ireland from I am posting this because some of the salons in the UK are having difficulty sourcing stock at the moment. Alter Ego Italy are hoping to have a resolution very soon. He will help you all he can or contact Phil Clark


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