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Smooth Hair EGOLISS system

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My review On the “EGOLISS” smoothing system

There has been so much ongoing industry hype around many of the Keratin smoothing systems and the association of warnings related to dangerous fumes created when using hot styling irons as part of the process. This past weekend I have tried and tested the new EGOLISS system from Alterego Italy

A system that is Formaldehyde free, Paragon free,SLES&SLS free.

It is not a complex system it comes with a very nice presented an information guide to take you step by step though the process. The packaging and presentation are to very high standard as is the packaging for the Home maintenance retail system the Three step support system EGOLISS frizz control treatment pack.


How does this system work

Step One

Egoprep deep cleaning shampoo ph 7.0-7.5 deep cleaning to remove build up and impurities whilst opening the cuticle an preparing the hair for the application of the damming solution. At this stage it is suggested to wash the hair 1 to 3 times it does feel rough and caustic at this stage due to the open cuticle change in the Ph on pre coloured hair as my model was it takes little longer to comb out.

Stage Two 

Dry hair off about 80% wearing gloves and suitable protection section hair off into 4 zones. Using a brush or foam applicator start to apply the product 1-1.5 Cm strands/section make sure you cover the hair but do not saturate use fine comb to work product through the hair an death section. This does take  little time the product goes along way and does not smell nasty. This takes about 20 mins to apply. The key Ingredient Glyoxylic Acid is derived from sugar cane I could find no adverse warnings related to this ingredient it classed or related or classed as an aldehyde and plays a key role in the smoothing process on the outer surface of the hair.


Stage Three 

After this leave the product to set for 30 mins it is quite an intense system never take short cuts follow directions regarding application and timing.

Stage Four

After 30 mins you must dry the hair using a hair dryer and paddle brush take care to keep the hair flat and smooth. My model and very thick hair and this part of the process is like trying to blow dry when a colour has not been washed out properly and no condition has ben applied be patient when drying it is an important stage in the process.

Stage Five

For me this was the real test with your hot iron set to max of 200- 220degrees for normal hair and max of 180-200 degrees for coloured processed hair run the hot iron over the hair 8 to 10 times focus on resistant areas and the ends. I had the iron set for 200 degrees took very fine sections. Of course remember that the product is still in the hair at this time it has been paddle brushed dried so is still dampish. You will get and see fumes coming off, I’m very aware of this and breathing in products, It did not smell it did not give me a itchy or dry throat something in the past even with Formaldehyde free products, I have experienced it is time consuming to do. The more care and precise you are the better the results.


Step 6

Having run the hot iron over every section now wait for it to cool off I waited for about 10 mins to be sure. Rinse all the product out pat dry with a towel [Do not wash]

Step Seven

This is where the innovation of Alterego Italy really kicks in Step 3 of the EgoBond system The locker is used to close the cuticle down apply roots to ends and leave for 3 to 5mins. Then rinse.



Shake the Egoless control spray bottle apply 5 to 7 sprays evenly over the hair [Do not use this product on dry hair] Finally I re blow-dried with a paddle brush I did not re iron nor did I feel that I needed to the hair was smooth soft shiny, I felt that the system had taken away that untamed frizz yet enabled me to still have moment and texture.


It is a very well thought out system one that addresses the needs of those wanting to have smooth hair its been very well thought out and presented. It address the fears around health and safety with regard to the fume issue certainly delivered out standing results.


Quite time consuming as a service one cannot rush it but I think that clients will always pay to get the results they want, this makes all the work worth while.  The look and feel certainly made it a very worth while process to carry out.


Alterego Italy do not pay me to write this nor do they censor my reviews in any way.  This is just me sharing what I think is a very exciting addition and and product to an already out standing product range.

For Alter Ego Italy products and information Contact Paul Farrell for information or product in the uk. All the Alter Ego Italy products are available for delivery to UK and Ireland from I am posting this because some of the salons in the UK are having difficulty sourcing stock at the moment. Alter Ego Italy are hoping to have a resolution very soon. He will help you all he can


My model has previously coloured hair and is about 30% Grey we colour with Techno fruit 7.44 30 vol cream developer permanent colour and then colour balance using on of the many Alterego Italy colour options available.IMG_0035

We have also in the past  lightened the mid lengths and ends with the Hi-lite colour lifting product and again colour balanced, or used Passion colour mask or Just colour to create texture and vibrancy. Strong think hair good condition but prone to being slightly unruly or frizzy so an ideal candidate for this smoothing system

Mike B2MR

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