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Natural level 6 to a perfect 10



Natural level 6 to a perfect 10

Why is that as stylist we so often struggle when it comes creating that perfect blonde shade and tone? Why is it that we so often shy away from using High lift blonde permanent professional colour and opt for bleaching and tone or over high light.

More often that not its because we never get the required or desired results from so many of these products. To often we are promised to much only to feel let down by what has been achieved. Either not enough lift or not enough pigment control resulting in a brassy to warm shade of blonde. I my self have experienced this many times, the sales representatives expounds the merits of their new colour line promising amazing lift and control level four to bright natural shades on blonde and beige.


Well I’m now a real convert to high lift blonde it can and will deliver amazing shade and tones from level 6 and up, when use correctly, over the past year i have written great deal about the Alterego Italy salon exclusive professional product line. I have been using the products and have pushed and challenged them as much a possible to really get an idea of what they can and will do.


I wanted to take someone with natural level six hair who loves being blonde, a client who loved highlights and lowlights one who after consultation was prepared to transition into all over high lift blonde, a journey to take them away for highlights and the need for bleach, whilst addressing their concerns about orange brassy warm tones. Its has been really interesting as we have now reached a point where we can just do a root application and tone to refreshen without any need for any highlights. The conduit is better the blonde is healthier its easier to manage and maintain.


This last application was as follows:

We are now not having to add any highlights to create any dimension the lift created leaves the hair with natural looking with tonal dimension so essential to a blonde head looking natural. Essential for us as stylist to feel confident about the looks colours and styles we create.

The key as always is the consultation having a clear agreed expectation and time line to achieve the corrective results required. A huge part of this equation is choice of products knowing how they work, knowing they will do and deliver what his required of them. Choice of formulation, mixing ration, application timing this all contribute to the end result.


To this ends ongoing training and career development, product knowledge are also components for success.

The choice of product here was Alterego Italy. High lift Blonde Product range Be Blonde Pure Diamond lift I’m conjunction with the Ego Bond system.


Our model had natural level 6 hair desired lift Beige blonde Level 9 with out underlying orange tones.



Pure Diamod lift  HL.1 Ash 50%  +HL.91 Pearl Ash 50% +2 parts 40 volume cream developer. applied fine section to saturate no overlapping, once applied do not agitate, process time a full 50 minutes no heat. mixed with this was step one of the Ego Bond system.  Ash and Pearl were chosen to address any issues of unwanted warmth in the lift and deposit process.  The results was the desired lift the final two steps of the EgoBond system were used. The hair was toned all over using Pure toner White one part colour 1.5 x 10 volume developer max process time of 20 minutes to colour balance.



I think the overall effect created is really natural the hair feels and looks stunning. shampoo and conditioner.  The Be Blonde system for salon and home use.


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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

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