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Bright summer copper shade depth tone.

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I wanted to refresh a copper hair colour giving it some more dimension and tone. Whilst also addressing the root issue and the 30% Grey all colour balanced and healthy.

I have been sent some new product to try by the very supportive team at Alterego Italy special thanks to [Phil Clark and Nicoletta Peruzzo]  for their continued support.

The first product I wanted to use is called Pure Hi-Lite, It is designed to


1/Personalise cosmetic colours

2/Lighten and brighten mid lengths and ends with excess build-up of cosmetic pigment

3/It can be mixed with Techno fruit or My colour as part of the formulation to restore brilliance and vibrancy to mid lengths and ends.Works best on level 4 to 8.


Step 1

My goal was to apply to lighten and brighten mid lengths and ends, I did this application prior to carrying out my main colour application, I randomly painted the product on with a vent brush and left for 50 mins using a 40 volume or 12% formulation.


Step 2

Having washed off step one  and roughly dried, I was now ready for my root application and colour balancing. The other new product I wanted to try again having already used it on a full on scalp bleach hair formulation, was EGO BOND the new revolutionary fortifying system for bleaching colouring and lightening.

This comes as a Three step system and in the salon would be classed as an add on service I think.


Always follow instructions.  

step1 mix as directed with professional technical product it works to improve the resistance f the hair structure to breakage and enhances elasticity without effecting the technical results.

step 2  After process and washing add this step for improved hydration overall condition an essential step leave for 10 minutes.

Step 3  Having rinsed of step two apply as per instruction leave for further 5 minutes sealing treatment that leave the hair feeling revitalised healthy looking and feel amazing.

I wanted to address the root application in two zones, the back from crown to behind the ears and below this would be coloured with an all over application as I wanted it to be slightly more lifted with good deposit at the natural level but with punch 7.34 30vol or 9%  No N series is required using  when using[Techno Fruit] the added oxygen available from the developer allows for full and deep deposit of the pigment Step one of the Ego Bond was added to the formulation as per mix instruction and ratio.


For the rest of the colour a root application of 7.43 with 30 vol /9% again with Ego bond added, once this was applied I then mixed 8.44 {this is an intense copper} with Pure Hi-lite equal parts with two parts developer in this case 40 Vol 12% and of course the Ego Bond as per directions and mixing ratio’s, This may to some seem harsh but having learned that making more oxygen available in the lift and despite phase of colouring a long a you are using the right products and have assessed the hairs condition we can push the barriers or envelop.


Out come amazing look and feel the hair was so smooth the cuticle was not looking blown open the colour was even and rich once blow dried no need to hot flat iron the hair felt and looked so natural.


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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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