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The salon manufacturer as stated before is relationship of trust that builds and develops over time.

With more and more product promotion and so advertising being done by the consumer, the salon owner, the stylist in the form of sharing on social media, can we take it at face value that if a product is freely shared that it can and should be trusted? No of course not re search is essential being responsible a constant requirement. Many of the top companies are now playing catch up when it comes to in salon support and education. At the end of the 90’s and early 2000 education was widely offers to salon by the big players. However over time they all cut back. Not the case with Alterego Italy a salon exclusive product line that only works with the salon and professionals, they offer both technical support and training and have just opened their new Akademia location in Veneto, Italy. Very exciting.


My reason for raising the topic on education training and sales is they are all inter-connected at all levels.

For the manufacturer. Sales funds education and training Education drives sales a partnership that has to work for profitability and long term investment in product development and ongoing training.

From a salon point of view. Sales creates growth, profitability, and so team harmony reflected in wages/ salary commission paid, However on going training skill and technical development is essential as is product knowledge [PK] and being comfortable with recommendation of products for retail sales.


There is one area here that crosses over and many if not all manufactures should look at when thinking about the training they offer consider opening it up to include some   business development and support.  For the salon planning of promotions seasonally is essential yet often over looked. Much more could be created looking at and offering advice on ongoing strategy for a forward thinking business. Planning and creating salon brand. Target market. Salon demographics’. Looking at S,W,O,T analysis. Salon traffic flow and design. Retail and selling. To name but a few!


Every salon needs technical training Product knowledge training, but equally every stylist needs help with sales consultation and communication skills.Every salon owner needs help with staying current and innovatived about how to run their business and stay current. A wider collaboration offer support on area that effect the growth and stability of the salon should be considered by a forbad thinking manufacturer.

In my Book The Salon and the S word I share some of my own experiences in these area’s as both an educator for a manufacturer and also as a salon owner and hands on stylist


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The manufacturer has such a huge opportunity to help take the salon forward to greater success this intern increasers sales and services this of course leads to the salon buying more product to offer said services and indeed support the client with retail sales.

Thank you Mike B2MR

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