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As stylists when being given the opportunity to do a make over we often a secretive stylist start to think about having total freedom with regard to look style colour. Its so easy to think that its our opportunity to shine and show how creative we can be.

Recently I was asked if I would do a make over on someone who had a bad experience with a stylist and so was feeling quite low about her appearance and the condition of her hair. I agreed and started to think about what might be possible having been sent a picture. Like all of us my mind went to style and colour and not to the person.




It is so very essential for us all to remember that in this situation its not about us as Stylists & Hairdressers. Its about the client and their needs and wants.Its about the consultation, its about listening asking questions doing an assessment and then being able to offer solution.



This is the word that encompasses and describes what we do! Yes we deliver a service part of that service is offering a full consultation and often through listening we get to offer solution to problems. Be that a new cut or colour or something a simple as products to use at home for better better condition or better styling results. Hence the sales! Sales comes from recommendation not from selling blindly.


The consultation

We sat and chatted prior to me making any suggestions, my first observation were over processed highlights and now shape or style. After taking the time to talk ask question and listen I discovered that.

Here we had a sad case of a part stylist offering no advice no consultation. To a client a mum a working women who was feeling low and drab someone who desperately wanted to look feel better about themselves. The stylist did not care enough to take the time to do a consultation did not take the time to ask any background questions or listen to what this client wanted.


Instead she the stylist just went ahead and …………………
Did a full head of really bad highlights with bleach stripping the hair of any pigment shade or tone. Over processing and drying it out. The highlights or streaks had no shade or tone they were dull drab and had totally over processed the hair stripping it of any pigment.


Having a new baby her hair was fragile, her work dictates being able to tie it back.
We talked about the best way to get some colour into the hair and about longer term working on the condition. after talking with this client my assessment was that change was needed, but given her life style, her work and indeed personality that anything to outlandish might me to much.The goal here is to make some one feel better about themselves whilst correcting a badly done colour job and giving them a new style they could work with.


I decided to stay quite conservative but make the most of the colourless highlights.My choice was to  use a low chemistry formulation offering only deposit of colour  and turning the over processed highlights into low lights adding shade and tone and dimension. The style would be quite bait shorted but still long enough to tie back for work but with movement and shape a longer term gaol to get the condition back so she might be able to just defuse it when drying.

The hair has lots of natural curl this sadly does not form very well when styled due to over processing.


We discussed condition and home maintenace products, we did apply B Toxkare care cream as a deep conditioning treatment after the colour service


I recommended some products for home care which we well received and this client was so open to investing in the right products. Not a sales pitch as I don’t sell products it does however endorse the need for stylist to recommend products.
Techno Fruit 6.22 3% or 10 vol 35 mins B Toxkare conditioning treatment and a  Razor cut. 

I will be redoing the colour in early February as its my firm belief that this first application will fade as the ends are not in a very health state. This sets the client up to being prepared to work with me a stylist its builds trust and so another client is gained, another client is satisfied. This is not complicated this is 

Service.Solution.Sales. THIS = Consultation! and honesty.

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