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Merry Christmas 2015:

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015Alterego Italy, The salon and The S wordComments Off on Merry Christmas 2015:

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Merry Christmas 2015:

From the Uk


This has been an amazing year of making new contacts and friends via the wonders of social media, shows and events.

For me its been one of personal growth from training events and being inspired by others. Part of this is owed to Phil Clark and Nicoletta Peruzzo from Alterego Italy, They offered me an opportunity to spend some time with Alessandro Stur who shared so freely his knowledge and skill and creative passion Adriana Tuz promotional material and insightful inspiration.

To Martin Green the editor and publisher of my book The Salon and the S Word  All those who brought the book took the time to write reviews thank you for supporting me you k now who you are!



Gary Sunderland a new friend so willing to share.  Jon paul Holt Such a really special dear friend who constantly inspires me with his creativity and passion for hairdressing and life!

All those I met in Italy and Seville.  IMG_4444

I want to wish all those who have shared postings, joined in discussions, supported me on Face book. Twitter. LinkedIn and Instagram.

A very very Happy Christmas 2015 and I look forward to sharing more in the new year.

We are living in very troubled times as humanity struggles to find balance and peace all we can do is Not get drawn into the negativity that come with war and conflict. To be positive and supportive to our fellow man.


Wishing you all nothing but the best for the holidays and success what ever that might be for any of us in 2016.

Please take a moment to reflect on friends and loved ones who maybe at this time are fighting illness, dealing with loss or just finding life a bit of a struggle.


Merry Christmas 2015.  Happy new year 2016

Mike B2MR


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