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Services and the salon

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mike vallanceServices and the salon 

What does salon service look like to you what words can you would you use to describe the skill set required to deliver out standing service?



My list of word might be very different from yours : The goal is to encourage thought about what service is. What delivering good service is.




Services:                      11781875_857880164300846_6154410984247570773_n

S = skill

E= Experience




C=Communication or Consultation

E= Enthusiasm or Education

S=Selling or sales

Why do I choose these words you might be thinking. A good question lets consider.

S =Skill. to be a success in the salon we have to have many skills of course our technical and creative ability is essential, and these need to be current and updated but take a moment and think about what other skills one requires to be able to deliver great service to each and every client. Attentive, respectful, honest, communicator,solution solver, many skills we wear many hats, team player, leader educator.


E= Experience. Of course the number of years that we have been qualified and or trained give us experience, Our certification/ licence is proof of this, however its the experiences gained from working with people working on clients that early count, learning from these situation learning from offering solutions, the experience of being part of the salon team. Experience gained when things go wrong or you loose a client fro making a mistake, It learning form three experiences that define us as being grounded professional stylists.

R=Recommendation.  Its the skills we have the experience gained that enables us to recommend new looks a styles to our clients, allows us to offer solution, so you can start to see that everything we do is directly to all the various skill sets we have and need recommendation, comes during the consultation this is our time to offer solution to communicate, to listen and to recommend this includes products for home management and maintenance. So yes “selling”.

Alterego itlay porduct lines

V=Vision. This is two fold a vision for our own success in the salon and of our career this should include truing and development yes education, a vision for our clients that enables us to work with them to achieve any given look style or creation. Sometimes the vision has to be a bigger picture, an example of this might be colour correction and playing the long game to achieve a look style and colour.12240095_147735098918175_6621526520431336775_n










I=Inspiration. We all need a little of this, we need to offer inspiration to our clients inspire those around us and allow ourselves to seek out those who might inspire us. Those amazing creative successful stylist and business owners who are willing to share their experience with us. Inspiring clients. This is offering solutions and alternatives for change this in turn allows us to offer new services, introduce that hint of colour. it allows us to inspire and up sell what we do. So being inspiring.


C=Communication. With out having great communication skills it is very hard for a stylist however creative and skilled they may be, to find success. Being great at doing hair is not enough in the “Service industry” Communication is key to building relationships and trust with our clients, Its how we deliver that “consultation” its how we make recommendation its how we put our clients at ease. To succeed you have to be confident in your communication skills. If your not find mentor and get to work on this area a real Must !!!

E=Enthusiasm. Why this? Well I think that when we communicate our natural enthusiasm should shine through. It creates that buzz and excitement so that when you make a recommendation to a client they drawn in why because of trust. They trust  that you are skilled, have the experience and vision to create what it is you are suggesting, this comes from being well trained educated a real professional. Enthusiasm is an energy that very salon needs all team mates feed off its positive its energising.


S=Sales. So very important and yet one of the hardest one sin the salons for stylist to get their head around, sales and selling is what we do. Service is selling the waiter in the restaurant I selling you ask for a recommendation they sell you the meal of the day by recommending it they recommend that bottle of wine to go with the food, it sounds personalised to you but its not, its selling and yet you feel special. That is what we do in the salon we use our skill our experience to recommend solutions and products we communicate through the consultation what salon service we recommend along with the right support products for home maintenance, we share our vision with our clients who trust us because of the relationship we have developed the enthusiasms we have the services we deliver.

We see that service is has many parts to offer great service to deliver those services we need to be grounded and rounded a true  professional willing to help willing to advise and offer solution able to listen able to communicate. We must be able to deliver a memorable experience one that our clients want more of one that our clients will recommend us for to family and friends.

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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