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The Hair salon product choice

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The Hair salon product choice

Alterego Italy

How does a salon owner decide what are the best products to use and to retail.What or who are the right manufacturer or distributor for them, who offer’s the best support  and incentives.


In my book The salon and the S word  published this year Chapter 3 looks at the relationship between the salon and the supplier[ sample text found on link]


Salons need to make some decisions about what they want and indeed what they are looking for from a manufacturer. Consideration has to be given to what their expectation are they then must be honest with the supplier about these needs and requirements, it helps to have a clear vision and strategy for you business to take it forward on going planning is essential for growth and stability.

Part of this as a salon owner is understanding your clientele, what are their needs and wants and expectation. When so many clients and potential clients are mislead with advertising promising instant colour change who can they trust?


It has to be the salon the profession stylist who can offer honest help advice and solutions part of this is  taking some time think about the demographic’s of where your clients come from think about their life style consider disposable income all this is relevant and again covered in my book. [link] available in paper back or as an I -book download.


What products line will best reflect the salon its brand and ethos and the services it offers. To often salon are drawn into choosing a distributor or brand because of the deal/incentives being offered by the sales person because the staff hate change.


Is this enough to stay with who you are using just because its safe and convenient or because you like the sales person? A question that only salon owner can answer but one that should be visited at least once a year. Research is essential. Whats new? Whats exciting? Whats potentially profitable for the salon? Remember that the manufacturer wants you to be a success, your success is their success. We are all in the business of sales and selling. Make no mistake you may not think this is the case but the service industry is about selling service, service that can only be sold with three things.


*The right products.

*Skilled technicians and stylist.

*The right pricing.

Ask your self:

Are you getting all you want from the product you use?

Are the products doing what is required of them ?

What are your clients asking for?

Services & products looks and styles are you current and able to deliver at all levels.

Time to reflect on issues.

Clients feed back returns or complaints. These should be monitored and records kept. Is it the product or is it a stylist or technician issue, lack of skill knowledge or complacency!

Does you supplier offer support to your business?

Training, promotional material, samples,

Alterego itlay porduct lines

Do they bring out new products on a regular bases? This can be retail or indeed adding colours to an existing line. This often suggest if Research and development is high on the agenda of the company.

How many product lines do they have? Do these product lines compliment each other?an example of this would be if they have four or five different colour lines can you get bye with 3 of them? Or do they for example produce an ammonia free option?

Retail again how many product lines do they produce and do they compliment and support salon services would they potentially add salon service such as treatments?

Home maintenance is a big business and one that many salons miss out on, every one buys shampoo conditioner and some styling products both men and women. What best serves your business and your clients. Do you staff recommend products in the consultation process? They should! Do they keep up to date client records? They should.


Deciding on a manufacturer is a big decision especially now days with so many of the smaller bespoke companies now owned by the big three or four. You have to ask your self do you want to work with one of the big companies. The ones who serve the salon and the professional but are also equally happy to supply the high street and indeed the ever growing on line market thus taking away potential salon retail sales.


Or would you like to work with a professional company that has only focus on the professional salon and stylist. A company who’s products are only available in the salon who offer salon support and ongoing stylist training.

Who invest constantly in re-search and development who offer retail products to help the client maintain both condition an style at home.12080060_1642173716054474_2640028222275816373_o

Over the past few months I have been reviewing products posting articles on a company who offer products and salon support stye only work exclusively with salons they have amazing professional and retail products. AlterEgo Italy professional products. 


you can find many product reviews on my Web site on the blog page I’m sure you will find them helpful.

Having a successful salon and business is challenging being profitable challenging having and keeping good staff challenging.


Equally so working with a manufacturer and supplier who understands the hair industry the salon the stylist understands that the stylist wants to be and feel creative understands that the salon owner wants to make profit offer excellent service retain staff offering the potential to earn a good salary, have a clientele that is returning a clientele that recommends and considers that the service they get is justly reflected in the prices charged.


The salon client is the essential part of the salon and stylist success equation, knowing an understanding your clients offering the service that they want with the very best products that select your salon brand are key to this.

If you have found this short topic interesting then you will benefit from my book as it covers so much more for all that we do in the salon is related.

The salon and The S Word  

All the Alter Ego Italy products are salon exclusive for professional use only. They have been developed to guarantee high performance and to be of the highest professional standard for maximum creative expression.


Alter Ego Italy is proud to be the only Italian brand, specialized in professional hair care. If you would like more information on this product line you can contact. Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy 

The salon and the S word now available in book and e book format for links to purchase and reviews Click here or on the image. 


The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance




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