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Bright copper hair colour no N series.

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Alterego Italy

Bright copper hair colour no N series.

Just a short post rare for me on creating bright copper hair colour without using any N series to address a Grey issue.

It is not my intention to advocate that not using N series will work on every scenario or that the N series is obsolete its an essential tool to have in our colour box. All assessment has to be in the consultation and every case is different the N series still plays a key roll but its always useful to push the envelop and make new discovery.


In this case I had a model with 30% Grey hair a natural level 7 who wanted maintain her very bright copper look an dust have the roots blended in about 1/2 inch re growth or re growth!



Product used was Techno fruit by AlterEgo Italy a professional only permanent hair colour. As stated level 7 target level 7 4/3 Copper/ Gold.

Instead of using a formulation that may well have looked like this  9 grams 7N  21 grams Target 7/43 with chosen developer of say 6% or 20 vol mixing ratio 1 part colour to 1.5 times developer.



My formulation was 15 grams of 7.43 with 9% 30 volume mixing ration I to 1.5 process time 40 mins this allows for full lift and deposit and most impotently development of the colour molecule in the cortex level this is helped by the Keratin delivery system in the colour.



Using higher volume of Developer gives the formulation makes more oxygen available in the lifting process and development of the colour molecule. This will be questioned by some  as formulation. I did but it make scull sense allowing a better quality a more concentrate delivery of pigment to develop giving us the shade and tone required.


A little added information:


Techno fruit.

This is a low Ammonia based Permanent hair colour collection it comes in a 100gram tube or just over 3 ounce of product.

With mixing ratio of 1 to 1.5 unless using the /SS super lightening series this requires 40 volume 12% mixing ratio with developer of 1 to 2.

Offering 100% Grey coverage using base N series to the percentage of Grey if 50% to 100% use equal parts base and target. Using either the. 0/ or 00/


122 shade 22series Endless possibilities.

This is a low ammonia based colour offering partially oxidized micro pigments delivered with the KDS keratin deliver system affords improved penetration.

Garcinia mangosteen. Anti-oxidizing. Smoothing. All designed to provide easy smooth application of product. It also contains Cotton oil, Linseed oil, Honey and Coconut oil


All Delivered by exclusive salon products. Presented by Alter ego Italy professional products For more information on the products or the Brand new Uk Academy here is the contact information:Phil Clark Alter Ego Italy UK, yesterday launched their new offices and brilliant NEW ERA ACADEMY. Congratulations to Tony, Paula and team for a very successful day and indeed future! Please contact the UK team through myself or Tony on +44 (0) 7411 345 376 or +44 (0) 345 871 6456.

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 Written by Mike Vallance


 Mike B2MR:


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