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Professional hair colour and the salon.

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Professional hair colour and the salon.

As a business owner running operating a hair salon or salon spa what do you consider as the important things when looking for a new salon professional hair colour line.What are the key things to consider about profession hair colour and the salon with so many products out there on the market is it such a big deal?



Where does having to make a decision on hair colour and salon products stem from? It could be because of lack of faith in your current supplier or manufacture, staff dissatisfaction with results supported by client feed offering concerns or observations or general services and results. It could because of increased salon costs. Maybe its to do with dissatisfaction from lack of service education and training. These are all very real and valid points.


Once this situation has arisen as a salon its issue that is very hard to neglect given that its  such a key area vigulance is essential it needs addressing and decision have to be made. how do you start to deal with this a situation?

Do you first of all voice your concerns with your supplier and give them opportunity to try and resolve your issues and or concerns. What might be these concerns.

1/ Cost per unit this has to be considered with Mixing ration’s. Tube or canister

2/ Number of products in the line. Is it multifaceted allowing you to create permanent and Demi and semi from one tube or do you have to carry multiple lines?

3/ Is it an Organic or Herbal colour if so what are its drivers !  i.e. “Ammonia free”

4/ Education training and support. Initial and on going.

5/ Promotion, incentive, salon support.

6/In the extreme loss of clients.

If this is be driven by staff dissatisfaction then prior to meeting your current or anew supplier a list of their concerns should be made.

1/Grey Coverage.

2/Fading of colours.

3/ Colour balancing.

4/Pigment control from N series resulting in to much or unwanted warmth.

5/Hot roots, banding poor deposit.


These are all areas that staff will complain about as well as wanting to try new products because its new its cool. “BE AWARE” that up to 90% of the time that its staff dissatisfaction and the blaming of a products reliability is due to operator error! Yes Poorly mixed formulation, poor application, complacency and yes in some cases laziness!

Switching colour lines is a huge deal for a salon and there above is not written to put any salon off making a change its done to make sure that the right thoughts and research is done so that mistakes are now made hasty decisions are not taken its a costly and very disruptive decision to get wrong.

 Shades of reds and coppers


As a former educator for colour line who still has a passion for hair colour I think the most important thing to consider when looking at or thinking about a new colour line is your own vision and values what do you want and expect from the product the supplier and manufacturer, The you need to research to find a company that offers what you need. One that shares your values and vision.


I think it is essential to find  colour company that is a professional manufacturer who works for the salon owner and stylist one who only markets their product to the professional, of course there are many companies that serve the salon an doffer professional products whilst also selling over the counter be this hair colour or retail. personally I think the only way for the salon owner to take back some control over this is by only supporting the true professional supplier and manufacturer.

hair stylists the hairdresser community and profession

So what is it that you want for you salon, Should you consult a few different suppliers? Yes, should you have some demo days or evening for products? Yes, Should the staff be involved? Yes and they should have a voice to some degree in the decision or choice but should also be 100% committed to re training and on going training and embracing a new Products if this is the decided course of action to take.I

I have recently written a book called The salon and the S word. Chapter 3 looks at the relationship between the supplier/ manufacturer and the salon its quite in depth and offers some very sound advice on how to find that right balance of respect in a  relationship between all parties.


I think there is a hunger for change in our industry, a desire for the manufacture to stop trying to play all markets to be more supportive to the salon both with professional hair colour and indeed the retail home maintenance products that we recommend and sell to our clients. Having worked for manufacturer /supplier doing education whilst living in Canada I am always looking for the next new and exciting product the new manufacturer who offers an exciting alternative to the big names that we all know. The names that are happy to sell any brand any where.



Well having been back in the Uk since 2008 I have been writing a great deal staying current talking with salon owners and below professional all around the world sharing experience views and opinion, most recently I have been talking with two men who are involved with an Italian company that is very successful in Europe the Uk and is now ready to take on the USA/ North American market.


Its very exciting to watch because they stand for all that I think is so important the values they have the company ethos for support for the salon the professional the industry. The understanding of the need for education and training support. The diversity in the product lines it offers the quality of the product, all supported with a professional salon retail line hat is designed to help the client maintaining condition and style.

I have over the last weeks been lucky enough to have had some of these products to use and I have posted some reviews on web site. I have also been given full access to great deal of their training and education material its really well presented and comprehensive in the material it covers and the information it presents.

Here is the links to some of the reviews and contact information for the company for any one who may be interested.

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Who are this company?


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For more information on the products or the Brand new Uk Academy here is the contact information:

Phil Clark or Tony Cripps

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