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Summer time hair casual and soft.

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mike vallanceSummer time hair casual and soft. 

Following on from my last posting Just colour summer fun This past week end I have been playing with the hair pieces that I coloured to find a soft look that would allow me to incorporate the fun summer shades without it looking over the top or tacky!


I wanted to have a look that will work for a summer wedding that is being held out side with a theme of a garden party so casual yet making statement. My goal is that the colour will make the statement. I always like to practice and play to have an idea of what i’m going to do although on the day it always works and normally turns out much better than any practice session! Why is this? Confidence having practised and worked on and with the client or model highlights  classic up do

Often adding a hint of colour can create a bit of edge and yet work so well the above bridal look, I supplied the something blue in what was a very formal wedding. Practice for any look is essential none more so than for a wedding and or major event don’t get caught out plan and think about what you want to create discuss this with your client or model.


For me having the confidence in the products that one is going to use is so important especially if making some coloured hair pieces, knowing you can achieve the shade and tone you want knowing it will not run fade or bleed is essential Alterego Italy

This is why I’m so very impressed with the “Just Colour range” from Alter ego Italy




The goal here is was incorporate the newly made coloured wefts in a soft look suitable for a wedding /reception remembering that the client does not want to feel uncomfortable with the look or feel they are being seen to out do the bride!!! This is always a very important consideration.

Colours used


4grams     Rott Violett Just Colour

6grams     Clear way  Just colour

2 grams of Pepper Pink Just Colour

5 grams of Clear Just Colour


The Three shades we created do I think compliment each other and do suggest summer I want to promote that summer look and feel.

Nice long hair Highlighted and low lighted is a great starting point. Using Techno fruit colour and Be blonde and Beautiful high lift colour and bleach/ De-colouriser.


The model uses the Be Blonde and beautify hair shampoo and conditioner to maintain condition and colour brightness, it is so important that we recommend to our client the right products for home maintenance of both colour, condition and style.IMG_8797





Our just Colour stands are ready so now its time to play and get a feel for a summer look IMG_8905


First off I want to use the Blonde piece to show off some texture and allow for the introduction of the Pink and violet, I want a look that I know will last all day be low maintenance and feel secure.

Not a big ask? I love this soft textured look and its so easy to create next I want to think about and start to add some colour using all this long hair.



A fish tail braid is a great way of showing off colour and texture that still looks soft and is very fashionable at the moment, I think it works really well to fit all the criteria that I have out lined and set for myself and for this look the requirements of the day and of course to work with the clients makeup and dress so she feels a million dollars with the overall look.

IMG_8908 I think on all counts as a first practice it works well I’m excited to explore it some more its fun to get an idea of a look and concept this will work very well, I will play around with the placement of all the coloured wefts to get maximum exposure of them so they are seen as making a statement.They blend in so well with the highlighted hair the shades soft and subtle. Yet with  a little edge!


Its so easy to put aside a little time and play with both colour and looks to be able to have confidence in both the products you use and the looks you want to create. The Just colour range has allowed me to do this and feel confident about doing the hair for the big day in June 2105. IMG_8897


Alterego Image

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