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Beige Blonde with curl and texture

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Beige Blonde with curl and texture

Alterego Image

About a month ago i had an opportunity to use and review some of the Alterego Italy High lift Blonde hair colour along with Techno Fruit permanent hair colour line.

highlights low lights


Reviewing a new colour line:

        by Alterego Italy


Over the week end I decided to to try out the “Be Blonde and beautiful hair maintenance kit” along with the “Be Blonde our blonde refresh mouse Beige” tone.

A perfect way to re fresh colour whilst conditioning and adding a little tonal control.







The model normally wears her hair quite strait blow dried but she allowed me to play with the two products to create curl texture and some volume.

The shampoo and conditioner are really nice products for a client to have for home use to help maintain that healthy well conditioned Blonde look and style, I was lucky enough to have the kit to try out with my model she was very impressed with how her hair felt both after washing and conditioning.



After washing and prior to styling we applied the Beige Be Blonde re-fresher mousse, this is a perfect product to use one in while to control any unwanted tones that may be creeping in. With this model we high lighted it only using High lift blonde and adding a few low lights so over time a little warmth can try and creep back in having a choice of easy to use mousses really helps to maintain tone. Its a very easy product to use as you apply to the hair having washed it with your Be blonde shampoo and conditioner following instruction you pump the mousse into your hand and spread evenly through the hair prior to styling blow-dry or creating textured look

Highlights and low lights




The styling products used were

Be Blonde Beige Mousse

Hasty TOO Curl Amplifier & HASTY TOO volume spray.



Curl Texture wave curl :

The key to creating curl and texture is to have the hair remaining pliable so it can still be manipulated. Often heat and product creates stiff unworkable hair. This in turn means a soon as you start to play with it it goes into a frizzy matted mess. This was not the case using “Hasty TOO curl” and “Hasty Too volume spray” my intention was  to create a look that was soft wavy yet natural looking not contrived.                                                                                  IMG_8796




Creating texture and curl does take some work and patients especially when working with product and styling tools. Wanting a soft look that will last without dropping out yet not looking solid and without movement.


Is this possible of course it is it come shown to product choice and creative skills .



For me having hair that can look natural and feel great to touch comes total down to choice of products to often products are used to create curl and texture that make the hair solid hard gummy impossible to touch, Curl and texture still needs the hair to have condition and moisture for any bend or curl to last products must have the correct Ph must protect the hair from heat damage.

The be Blonde product range to support maintenance and condition of the hair is a wonderful product choice for home use the mousse used correctly and a spec direction will help maintain the salon created tone. The Hasty Too product range will help you to create fun style and texture as stylist or as a client. AlteregoItaly

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