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The hair salon. Success Build it.


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The hair salon. Success Build it.

one client at a time !

The hair salon. Success build one client at  a time. In our business we are constantly looking for new ways to attract new clients. We consider promotions some consider ‘discounting’ as an active way of enticing new clients to the salon , does this really work ? “No” Discounting only at-track’s people looking for a  cheap deal is the the market you want ?  Its suggest we would like to charge more but are not worthy ! Not good.

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We have to have that Vision for our business know what our target market is and establish our business around that. How do we do this ?  One client at a time ! Its relationship building through investing in our selves our skills and how we deliver our services. In investing in mastering the ultimate consultation.  Every client that comes to the salon is potential a long term returning client. Don’t build your business on one hit walk in’s ! Keep a record of your client retention. if clients are not returning ask your self “Why”?   Is there more you could be doing something your not doing. Is there something the salon needs to address that is preventing clients from returning. Team work  salon brand and culture have team meeting whats missing!

We have to learn to adapt we have to be willing to adapt constantly we are in the service business. Our goal to build up a strong and loyal clientele. Client retention clients wiling and ready to re book appointments clients willing to recommend you to their  friends and colleagues this is how we build up a strong client base. If we are doing our job properly if we are delivering a great consultation,offering high standards of service. If we are highly smiled creative passionate honest and caring.  Our clients base with grow without us ever having to worry. Our clients will grow it for us. Is this possible “Yes” I have moved contents and had to start over quite  a few times in every case applying this one client at a time philosophy works. We have to prove that we care we have to show we are problem solvers that we offer honest sound advice. We have to build trust develop relationships. If you can do this you can and will be a success !


The keys well trained of course. Have excellent communication skills. Excellent consultation offering a long term goal and solution. Not just a short term fix think long term with a realistic goal. Continued skill update and personal development training. Excellent product knowledge for retail or customer home hair care. Keep good client notes remember discussion alway remember one personal thing for the next visit !

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From a salon and business perspective this works it should be the model used for each and every stylist.Its how you build team salon brand and culture. It what builds the salon reputation. As the salon owner and manager having shared vision knowing your target market building a strong team and having continued training . Having a strategy that is forward thinking. These are the key to making profit having a team that are all earning a good wage having a business that is making profit. Re investing back in to the business re investing in your team. Not getting drawn into a discount market . Keeping the standards of service high having a price structure that reflects the salon the services the commitment to the client at all levels thus offering value for money! This is all our clients want. If we have the balance of all of these components success will follow!

As stylist  our clients will grow our business for us through recommendation if we are doing our job properly thats is delivering excellent service giving sound and honest advice through the consultation. Recommending products,educating our clients on how to keep and maintain their styles. Being attentive listen to their issue concerns and challenges offering solution. this will lead to client retention, clientele growth, greater personal success.


The ‘Three R’s’ 
”Reputation. Recommendation. Retention”. 
It’s not built on that constant looking for new clients it’s looking after what you have! It’s investing in your self and your business and those around you.


This journey, this career, is wonderful – challenging, inspiring, and yes, hard work.

Our industry is in constant change and is sometimes criticised. For lacking vision in some areas. However there is an ever growing body of professionals. That have a firm commitment to our industry, they have a passion for change, to raise standards through education and sharing. Leadership, education and team incentives.Will over time and with commitment give any individual that ability to do exceptional work and to be more creative. Leadership and management help create an amazing work environment for all concerned. So key for success for all concerned.
This journey. This career, is wonderful – Challenging. Inspiring and yes can and will be hard work. but the rewards are worth all the effort.
Thank you all for letting me share some thoughts with you today.These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with. Get inspired. Connect with driven motivated industry professional. challenge your self. invest in ones /your self 

Are you driver or passenger !

 There are no guarantees in life and ones career and career choice is no different thing happen and its how we deal with them that defines us. Jobs change relationships come and go the one thing that remains after training is our skill both hands on creative and the ones we learn about people and communication about caring about being a team player. Constantly developing new skills staying current is so very important.

I also think that we need to always look at the WhyAsk the question Why are we in business whats it for? OrWhy do we want to go into to business what is success? Why do I suggest this I think by asking and exploring the why we get to the motive behind why we want to be in business what is true success. Why the will also help us to understand our true values this in turn helps us to follow the path to the success we want  and desire. It will help us to surround ourselves with the right team those who share our values and vision.


Remember. Salon success. Stylist success. Business success are all linked together it’s Team success. Its never about any destination only ever about a journey taking the right people on that journey makes it enjoyable maybe even fun!

Mike B2MR

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The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

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