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The salon& Spa: Stylist having an online profile.

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The salon & Spa:

mike vallance

Stylist having an online profile.

I’m very excited and flattered to have been offered an opportunity to post an article on the web site


The salon and spa: Stylist having an online profile or presence how much time do you as salon owner or stylist put into promoting your self sharing your work developing an on line presence not enough i’m sure. So many spend so much time on face book asking for likes making friends there are other resources that offer a much better platform for you your salon your work ! Ways to show case your skills your creativity be seen create an online identity and presences  have or create an avatar that stays with you create a profile . Go further join professional discussion groups  build an  online profile and Bio. Connect with other like minded industry professionals be proactive. join in discussion develop a net work .


This  link offers a platform that enables stylist to build an online profile show case some work and connect with professionals Hairbyus


As a stylist young or seasoned why not build a profile try this platform if you post images of younger models, with current commercial hairstyles then it will attract a younger audience looking for those kind of hairstyles in your area.





Hairbyus will provide you with haircuts and hairstyle concepts that will best compliment your skin tone, eye colour and facial shape. You will be able to embrace an overwhelmingly large number of options that will cater to virtually any hair length and coincide with Womens Hairstyles 2014.

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