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Our salon our business and career.

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Our salon our business and career.


When we take the time to consider the above where does you mind take you? Think for a moment you chose your career and this lead to you thinking about that “Vision”  A vision of your future of your success. Was that owning  a business ?Having your own salon. Thats quite a vision as this starts to take shape we start to get a picture in our head of what this looks like. The location the fixtures and fitting, brand , staff a real image of that” Vision” How cool and something real to strive for. But how do we make this a reality?

 Bear with me as I suggest and process a map to success and achievement of Goal and Vision.It starts with a metaphorical hammer!! In your mind take that picture of your vision and smash it up ! Now see it in pieces like a jig saw puzzle keep that image of pieces and get a pen and paper on each piece write down a skill required to run this business and be a success!  These pieces can be anything from Accounting to Marketing to sales and pricing to staffing and promotions aspect of running a successful business communication consultation your list your picture your puzzle. Get going now! 

How big is your puzzle? How complex. How many pieces have you created with your list? Why this exercise you may be thinking. Well  I see all of our career’s as being a jig saw every one different some complex some less so. Some really detailed some quite simple yet all quite unique.

You have the ” vision ” You have created the picture and now see the pieces. How do you get the skills that represent these pieces. We study. We question. We learn. We challenge ourselves and those around us.  Over my  years of being involved in this industry  both as a successful stylist and salon owner i have learned the importance of soil development at all levels and in all area’s.

What ever our “Vision” however simple or  complex it might be none of us have all the skills or all the answers .We have to have the courage to seek out help and ask for advice. Do you?

The ‘Three R’s’ 
”Reputation. Recommendation. Retention”. 
It’s not built on that constant looking for new clients it’s looking after what you have! It’s investing in your self and your business and those around you.


This journey. This career, is wonderful – Challenging. Inspiring and yes can and will be hard work. but the rewards are worth all the effort.
Thank you all for letting me share some thoughts with you today.These are inspirational, passionate, industry professionals.They have a vision. These are the people I want on my bus to learn from, share with, take a journey with. Get inspired. Connect with driven motivated industry professional. challenge your self. invest in ones /your self 

Are you driver or passenger !

 There are no guarantees in life and ones career and career choice is no different thing happen and its how we deal with them that defines us. Jobs change relationships come and go the one thing that remains after training is our skill both hands on creative and the ones we learn about people and communication about caring about being a team player. Constantly developing new skills staying current is so very important.

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 The Salon & the ‘S’ Word

 Written by Mike Vallance

Essential for success: commitment, focus, drive, a willingness to make change keeping an open mind. planning. taking responsibility for ones choices making and taking hard decisions. Honesty and staying creatively challenged.

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