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Keratin Warning list for formaldehyde

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Keratin Warning list for formaldehyde

Keratin Warning list for formaldehyde
The safe Keratin relaxer issue :When it comes to products that professional can use knowing that they are safe and cost effective Health and safety should be at the fore front and should not be compromised for either the stylist or the client. Many of these discussion have had people entering into them to either promote a product in many cases testing has proved they are not safe in some cases the manufacturer has been directly approached over these concerns! They seem to have no conscience when it comes to product safety and products sales it’s all about profit and sales! Some use these discussion groups to promote system so we might stay a little safer whilst using these products.
The issue is having safe products working in a safe environment.Research and lab testing has shown that it is possible to some degree but like everything it come shown to choice.What is really important to each and every one of us! How educated and trusting can we be, should we be. How much questioning should we do! What are we what are you prepared to accept !!! I would never put personal health and safety or that of my client aside for short term profit!

I really do think that the more stylist discuss this with other stylists making it conversation make it an issues worth sharing and indeed knowing about the more change will happen.
Personal health and indeed the health and welfare of our clients has to come above and before profits. In most cases a client will respect you much more for being honest about a product and why you choose not to use it rather than not education them as to any side effects or long term issues.
We are all professionals and so have a duty of care to act responsibly when it comes to the chemicals we use and how we educate our clients.
We can hold the manufacturer be they big or small to account by demanding better from them in both product and transparency. As for the small start up companies that only see the profit of the £££ or $$$$$ claiming to be safe and organic in some cases start up operation with no background in chemistry or understanding of the issues shame on you! for hoping assuming all professionals stylists are gullible and stupid enough to believe and trust in the products you try and market as safe health options! you do your self the industry and indeed the makers of quality organic and herbal products a total disservice!
Mike B2MR





3 Responses to “Keratin Warning list for formaldehyde”

  1. Pam Decharo says:

    There’s them that lead and them that follow, Michael.
    Thank you for leading!
    Excellent comments.

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